FAQ: How do I assign listings, and profiles, to an Agent?

An Agent account is for a Managing/Leasing Agent who manages their own portfolio of properties. Each Agent can set their own contact information for leasing, management and maintenance if desired. When set, this will override the default company contact information for the Agent. You can assign listings as well as owners and tenants to an Agent, and configure the Agent profile to only be able to view all of their assigned-to profiles, or any other Agent’s profiles.

If you use PROMAS, you can set the Agent’s PROMAS Manager ID in HERO (in their Agent profile) to the Manager ID for the Agent in PROMAS. This will automatically assign imported profiles to the Agent account. (Note: This is different from the Company or Office PROMAS Manager ID in the member’s Company or Office account.)

Non-PROMAS users can assign profiles to an Agent in the Listing Master View, owner profile and tenant profile.

Each Agent can be designated with their own color. On lists, such as the Chart of Listings or Owner List, these colors will appear beside the listings and owners they manage so that you can easily distinguish between profiles. Configure the color swatch in the Agent’s profile by clicking on the box in the Color field.

For more information on the differences between Agent accounts and User accounts, see FAQ: What is the difference between User and Agent accounts?