FAQ: How do I syndicate my listing video to YouTube?

By syndicating your listing video to YouTube, both your listing and your website are much more likely to be found on Google. To syndicate your listing video:
  • Configure your YouTube account in Configuration > System Preferences. Enter the account name and password for your company’s YouTube account, separated by a colon, like this: JoesPM:password.
  • Then add a listing video in the Listing Master View and check the box next to Video Syndication. Your company’s YouTube account name will display when adding the video, indicating that the YouTube account has been configured. If the box is greyed out, YouTube syndication is not enabled.
  • Add/Edit your YouTube username and password in Configuration > System Preferences. View the listing video from the listing (view as tenant) or from your YouTube account.

For more information along with other FAQ’s, see the Listing Video FAQ.