Match Prospective Tenants to Your Active Listings with NotifyMe

NotifyMe records are generated through your listing integration webpage, and match prospective tenants to new listings when they’re made active. If you do not have a HERO PM listing integration webpage, please contact Member Support for details. If there are no rentals that match a propect’s needs in your current database of listings, then they can click the NotfyMe link on your website to receive email notification of new rentals that meet their criteria.

On the NotifyMe form, prospects enter their information and the criteria of what they’re looking for (monthly rent/bedrooms/bathrooms/etc.). After they complete the form, the lease contact in your Company Profile receives an email notifying them that a prospective tenant has submitted a NotifyMe form. You can then go into your Control Panel and view their submission under RP Listings > Communications > Search NotifyMe. NotifyMe requests can also be added manually when adding a showing or inquiry.

When you make a listing Active that matches the prospect’s criteria, a NotifyMe Match list pop-up window displays in the Listing Master View and you can easily email the prospect a notification message of the new listing from there. Prospects can opt-out of the notifications anytime (or you can opt-out a prospect in RP Listings > Communications > Search NotifyMe).