FAQ: How do I post a listing to Craigslist?

Easily post a listing to Craigslist from your Control Panel, and view an export report in the Listing Master View.

Post a Listing to Craigslist

1) From the RP Listings tab, view the listing you would like to export to Craigslist, and click Export Options > Craigslist export.

2) Select the Craigslist region code from the drop down menu, and click “Next”, which takes you to the Craigslist Export Form. (View an Export Form Example.)

3) Open the Craigslist Posting Window by clicking on the “open” button in the Export Form. This will open craigslist.org where you’ll logon, make selections and post your ad.

4) After making your selections for region, posting type and category, Craigslist will display the Create Posting page. (View a Create Posting Page Example.) To post the listing information, simply copy and paste the information from the Export Form into the Create Posting page. (To copy the information quickly, click the copy icon beside each field in the Export Form.)

As much as we’d like to, we cannot post your listings directly to Craigslist for you because it would be a violation of Craigslist third-party posting rules. However, with the information that we provide on the Export Form, you can now post as you normally would, and edit directly from your Craigslist account.

Tip: If you will be posting listings to Craigslist frequently, you can set your preferences to automatically populate the Region Code box with your location. Just click on Configuration > System Preferences in your Control Panel and enter your Craigslist region.

Listing Export Report

View a report that details when you exported your listing to Craigslist in your Listing Master View. Click on the Quick Notes/History button on the right of the screen, then click the Export History to display the dates that the listing was exported, where it was exported to, and more.