Track Team Tasks and Access Them Anywhere with Virtual Boards

Picture a giant whiteboard hanging in your office.

On it, you’re tracking all phases of a new owner onboarding. Across the top of the board, there are boxes for meeting the owner, visiting the property, agreeing on a price, receipt of the signed agreement, photographing the property, and on and on. Down the left-hand side, there is a list of your new and perspective owners. You have team member names written in different colors. Some tasks are completed and crossed off. There are circles and arrows and highlights to show urgency. Due dates are smudged, but are squeezed into each box. The familiar smell of dry-erase markers hangs in the air.

Now, picture multiple whiteboards tracking the various processes your team performs on every square inch of your office walls. Agreement process, vacant rental readiness, turning a prospect into a tenant, preventative maintenance schedules, and even the office Christmas party planning.

A little much? We agree (and so would your interior decorator).

All of that tracking is good. But, what happens if you need the information on those whiteboards over the weekend, or while you’re viewing a property with a prospective tenant, or while you’re dining with an owner?

Enter HERO PM Virtual Boards. With HERO PM Virtual Boards, you have the possibility of an unlimited number of whiteboards, virtually! We’ve married a spreadsheet with a whiteboard, and we’ve given you the ability to access them online, any time. And best of all, they’re already included in your HERO PM package if you have the RP Management system.*

Virtual Boards are accessible by all users in your HERO PM account. Simply configure your boards in the Configuration – RP Preferences section of your Control Panel, then manage your boards in the RP Management tab.  The board fields are highly configurable, and can be reordered and re-sized. You can use color-coding to assign work to a team member, to show completion of a task, or to indicate urgency. You can add default values, or leave them free form. You can set due dates, which can even be calculated based on completion of a different task (i.e. a date could be 2 days from the time a contract was received). You can show completed dates, and list the team member who completed the task.

With Virtual Boards, we’ve given you the ability to track big projects the way you want to track them, and the ability to access them when and where you need them.

Your walls will thank you.


* If you do not have the RPM system, please contact our solutions team to discuss upgrading your package.