FAQ: How do my owners link their online accounts?

After the owner has created and verified their account (either through the portal on your website, or MyRentalHome.com), they will link the profile that you’ve set up for them in your Control Panel. For owners to link their profile accounts, you will need to provide them with the following information contained in the Owner Letter that you send them upon joining.

  1. Your PMID
  2. Their Client ID with your company: Found in RP Management > Owners > Owner Lookup > Find Owner > Owner ID Column
  3. The email address associated with this account or the verification code (NOTE: Owner must enter the exact line of information listed in Step 2 of the email after “The email address associated with this account” when they’re verifying the account as their username.)

Again, all of these items are included in the Owner Letter that you send to owners when they join your company. To create this letter, click on Configuration > RP Preferences > Letter Template: Owner Custom Letters. Select New Template in the Choose Template drop down box. Enter a Name and Description for the letter, then click on View/Apply Default Template under the Merge Fields and click Apply Template. The letter’s content section will populate with the default template text. Preview your letter, then click Save Template.

Access and send this letter in RP Management > Owners > Add a Document > Assign it to the correct owner, and then select the “Create Letter/Notice” option in the upload type. Select the document and click “Save Notice”. On the “Notices and Letters” page, click on the square icon next to the Owner’s ID, then click “Email this Document”. The owner will receive the letter in their email with directions to setup their online account, and has all the needed information to link their account. Owners can also watch the Help video on how to link their accounts, which is found on the logon page of the portal.

If you would like additional information on how to help owners link their accounts, review the Explain Owner Setup document, or consider attending a online webinar on the RP Management system. Sign up for the webinar in your Control Panel under Help > Register for Training.