FAQ: Do you offer a mobile version of my website? If so, how does it work and what are its advantages?

Yes, all of our new PM Websites (v4) offer mobile site functionality, which is a specifically optimized version of your website viewable on smart phones and other mobile browsers. When mobile users access your website, they are automatically directed to your mobile site. Your mobile site conveniently works off of the same URL as your traditional website, so you do not need to purchase or market a new domain.

A mobile site version of your HERO PM Website offers several advantages:

  • Creating a mobile site enhances the user’s experience (faster download speed/easy navigation, etc.) and helps market your company to the myriad of smart phone users out there. A recent study by Mashable Tech indicates that nearly half (46%) of U.S. adults use smartphones as of February 2012.
  • It sets your business apart from your competition, who may not be leveraging the powerful benefits of mobile marketing. If a mobile user looking for your services finds a website that is difficult to navigate through and access information on, they will quickly move on to another site. Make sure that when mobile users are looking for your services, they find easy access to key information on your site.
  • It appeals to tech-savvy users who use their mobile phone to search for products/services the instant they are needed.
  • A mobile site makes it easy for people to find you. When users search for your business using their mobile device, you show up higher in the results simply because you have a mobile website.

Mobile site content is optimized so that it can load faster on a mobile browser, which means you’ll need to determine which content from your traditional website should be included on your mobile site. The content is determined by the “goal” of your mobile site…is it to reach new owner clients? Or is it to provide detailed information on your listings? When you order a mobile site through HERO PM, we’ll work with you to determine what information (content and pages) should be included in your mobile site. The mobile site can be ordered in your Control Panel in Configuration > Orders & Upgrades > Order a Project.