Post Your Listings Once, View them Everywhere with HERO PM Listings Systems.

HERO PM boasts the largest syndication and distribution system in the industry with our revolutionary “post once, view everywhere” listing strategy. Using our Listings systems, our members post a listing once and it is displayed on their company website, our vast network of HERO PM sites and it is exported to our listing partner sites. Our partners then re-distribute the listings to their partner sites…totaling hundreds of sites that display each listing.

How does the listing syndication/distribution process work?

Simply and easily enter listing data into your RP/VR Listings system in your HERO PM Control Panel. Our Listings systems already include everything needed to record and display listing information…no spreadsheets or other databases are required to track your information. After entering the listing details, mark the status as Active. The listing information is then updated immediately on your website, and other sites owned by HERO PM, and is included in the nightly feed to our partner sites. Once activated, there is also an option to send the owner notification that their property is now online.

Where are my listings displayed? 

  • Your company website. The listings integration page includes a summary page of all of your available listings, and viewers can click on a link to view individual property details. You can also flag “featured” properties for enhanced visibility on the home page (if using a HERO PM website). The listings integration page can be customized to include maps, search options, photos, and much more. Don’t have a website hosted by HERO PM? We can help you integrate your listings with any third-party website at no additional cost. Contact Usto find out how.
  • Our vast network of company-owned websites. This includes,, RentalsIn, SnapRent, and more – covering a total of more than 2 million tenant visits per month.
  • Associate Partner Websites. These are companies who advertise rental listings, either as their primary business or as an extension of some other business that attracts the eyes of potential renters.
  • Other export partners. Numerous export partners access our data feeds to populate their websites or augment their rental listings.
  • A NARPM® chapter website. If you are a NARPM® member and your chapter website is hosted by HERO PM, your listings will display automatically.
  • Other group or association websites. These can include professional associations, co-ops, relocation companies, rental locator services, etc. (We welcome your ideas for website partnerships. If you have identified a website that will benefit your business, please send us a request through the Help > Idea Zone section of your Control Panel so we can look into a partnership. Or, you can encourage the group or association to contact us through our partner information site:
  • Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and CraigsList. We also provide HTML coding for embedding into your blog, etc.

If your package also includes the PM Website System, you receive the benefit of our Search Engine Optimization. We use effective, industry-leading techniques to get your website, including your listings and videos, as high as possible in all major search engines.

What does this mean for you?

  • You save time and money – all those hours spent posting and maintaining your listings on multiple other sites certainly add up! With HERO PM, you only need to enter the listing once into your Control Panel to have it distributed everywhere.
  • You can conveniently edit, activate or deactivate your listings anytime, and anywhere – simply access the listing in your Control Panel, edit and save the changes, and it will update immediately on your website and on our partner sites within 24-72 hours.
  • You increase listing viewing traffic – because HERO PM has the largest distribution/syndication system in the industry, your listings will be seen on more sites, by more people. This will help you move the listing and shorten your vacancy time. (A definite benefit to highlight for your prospective owners!)

What else do the HERO PM Listings systems offer?

Besides offering the largest syndication/distribution network available to our members, the RP/VR Listings systems provide tools to market and manage your listings easily and effectively. You can generate reports and flyers, track listing activity, inquiries, showings and much more:

  • Over 600 different database fields and configurable custom fields to record everything the prospective tenant will want to know
  • View, manage, and easily edit your listings through a user-friendly web-based interface
  • Add unlimited photos, as well as a virtual tour and video to each listing
  • Listing videos are stored on our servers in HD and can be syndicated to YouTube
  • Export listings to Craigslist, Twitter, and integrate with your company Facebook page and blogs
  • Geocoded maps and regional information, etc. are available on all listings
  • Generate marketing reports, listing flyers, vacancy reports and inventory reports
  • Display a dynamic page of listings with photos and data in your own website
  • View comparable rents and property/market information by region
  • Export all listing information (including photos) to other databases and systems
  • Mobile Media Marketing package markets your listings using the latest mobile technology, including text codes and QR codes
  • Track tenant inquiries and showings from various sources
  • NotifyMe tool matches listings to prospective tenants and notifies them when a listing that matches the criteria they’ve submitted becomes available in your inventory

If you’d like to learn more about your RP Listings systems, attend the RP Listings webinar! This webinar is instructed by a RP Listings specialist and provides a guided tour of your RP Listings system. You can register for the webinar in your Control Panel in Help > Register for training. If your package does not currently include the RP Listings system (or VR Listings system for vacation rentals), please contact us for information. Or you can upgrade your package in your Control Panel in Configuration > Orders & Upgrades > Company Upgrade.