FAQ: I’ve heard that prospective tenants can text from my yard signs, and I can capture their contact info. How does this work?

With HERO PM’s Text Response, you can add a text code to your yard signs, window displays, flyers and other printed marketing material. Then, when prospective tenants want information on the property, they text “rental” plus the code listed on your sign/flyer to 313131, and receive an immediate text response with the property’s basic details, the Leasing Agent’s contact info, and link to the mobile view of the listing. From the mobile view, prospects with a smartphone can view photos, floor plans, videos, contact information and even a rental application if configured. Better yet, partner this with a Mobile Website to give your mobile prospect the best view of your data on the go.

Each time a prospect submits a text inquiry on a listing, their contact information is captured and stored in your Control Panel (and a notification email is sent to the Leasing Agent). View the prospect’s contact information in RP Listings > Communications > View Pending Inquiries. From here you can follow up with the prospect and record notes. Text inquiries and mobile views are also recorded with the listing statistics, which can be sent to the owner in the marketing report.
For more information on the Text Response system, along with details on how to purchase text credits, see Text Response: Give Prospective Tenants Property Information, Instantly.