FAQ: I’m thinking of ordering a new custom website. What can I expect after ordering it?

A custom website is a great option if you would like a highly customized, professional look for your company website. There are three website design options that are available to members with an existing PM Website:

1) Website Conversion: Select the Website Conversion option when you have either an existing website and you want to retain its design, or a new design created by your own designer that you wish to implement. We will convert the design from your source to your PM Website. (Member cost: $279 for most sites)

Example: www.mountvernonpm.com

2) Website Full Custom: Select the Website Full Custom option when you want a professionally designed website customized to your company. This option allows you to submit a sketch of your ideas for us to design from. We will create a custom design based on your input and submit it for your approval, then build your website. (Member cost: $499)

Examples: http://floridapropertymanager.com and http://cbvanguardrentals.com

3) Website Pro Custom: Select the Website Pro Custom when you want a professionally designed website fully customized to your needs, and wish to work with a designer to create the ultimate online identity. We will contact you to discuss your specific desires and customizations, design a site and submit it for your approval, then build your website. (Member cost: $999)

Example: http://oregonpropertymanagementgroup.com

The Website Creation Process

1) Complete your custom website order.  Once you order your custom website (Configuration > Orders & Upgrades > Add a Website Design), you will receive a system generated email that states what we need from you to proceed and the process for the website creation/conversion.

2) Complete the Website Creation Form/Send the designated conversion source.  If you ordered a Full Custom or Pro Custom website, we’ll need your completed website creation form and website content. Pro Custom orders also schedule a website discussion with our design team. If you ordered a Website Conversion, we’ll need your designated conversion source (the website or design you would like converted). You can email us the requested information, or send it through your Control Panel under Help > View Projects > Your updates for us. You must also make sure to transfer your domain to HERO, or register a new domain with us. (See below for Domain information.)

3) Forward website content to HERO PM.  Assemble all material that might be included on your site, or might give us a better idea of how to construct your site, and send to us. Please include everything you can think of…brochures, yellow pages ad, business card, owner packet, etc. Indicate what you actually want on your website, and what should be kept off your site. We require your website text in a computer file like Word, Wordpad (RTF), or Notepad (text). If you have any documents, images, or other content available in electronic format (a computer file) please be sure to zip those files and submit them through the project in your Control Panel (Help > View Projects).

(#3 is ongoing…once we have the content needed to create your website design, you can continue to send additional website content throughout the creation process.)

4) Receive, discuss and finalize. Approve the design preview we create.  After we receive the requested information, our website team then develops a “design preview” – a snapshot of how we think you want your website to look. We’ll notify you via email once the design preview is complete, and request your feedback and changes. We stay in the Design Preview stage until you’re absolutely happy with the design of your site.

5) We build the new website and review it together before it is live to the public.  Once we get your approval on the design, we’ll build your new website and apply all of your content. Once again, you will review everything, and anything can be changed based on your suggestions and recommendations. Your website at this time is not live; it is hidden from public view.

6) Once the site is approved, submit your Website Sign-Off Form.  After the “final review” phase, when you’re sure your website is the way you want it, we’ll send you the Website Sign-Off Form. After we receive the signed form, we’ll schedule the “go live” date.

7) Our team then schedules to replace your existing site with your new one, or for new orders, to simply make your new website live.  The go live typically occurs over a weekend. After your website is live, you have full access to add and change pages, text, images, photos and more. When your site is ready, we will send you important information about accessing your website administration panel and setting up your email.

The timeframe for a Conversion Website and Full Custom Website is approximately 30-60 days, depending on the complexity of the site. The Pro Custom Website can take up to 90 days.

Domain Transfer/Registration

You must transfer a domain to us, or register a new domain with HERO PM before your site can go live. Since this process can take some time, we suggest initiating the transfer or registering a new domain with HERO PM after ordering your new website.

Register a new domain, or request a domain transfer at http://Setup.HEROPM.com/CFG/?page=domain. A new domain registration with HERO PM can take 3-5 days, while a domain transfer (for an already registered domain) can take in excess of 2 weeks. (Note: Two domains are included in the member’s package price; additional domains may be registered at $15 per year.)

Registering a new domain with a company other than HERO PM, such as GoDaddy, will result in a 60 day delay on the domain transfer. An already registered domain, that was registered at least 60 days prior and has not had any changes to it in the past two months, can be transferred. Depending on the existing registrar, it can take up to 2 weeks to finalize the transfer.

Domains are owned by the member. They are transferred to us for administrative and support purposes, but ownership is maintained by the member.