Understanding Harmony: Serial Adder

Some managers do things one-at-a-time as they come up. Others prefer to roar through a pile of things all at once. Harmony has the solution for both.

In functions where multiples might be added in sequence, Harmony places an Add Another icon beside the Add/Save/Submit/Post button. Instead of adding a single item and then starting over with the next item, the Add Another function brings you directly to the screen for another related item, pre-filling and pre-setting values that make sense.

Depending on how you arrive at the function, Harmony will assess whether it makes more sense to add the next item to the same person, or to a different person. Where it’s likely you will want to add the next item for the same person, the icon will show up as a plus sign. Where it’s more likely that you’ll want to select a different person, the icon appears as ⚇ (select a person and add).

For users who find themselves preferring the keyboard over the mouse, after tabbing down to the Add button, simply tab once more to get to the Add Another icon, and press Enter or Space to move on.

Harmony allows you to cruise through the functions you perform every day. If you have ideas for how we can make the road even smoother and faster, just let us know!