PM Websites: Accelerate your mobile and online marketing, attract new clients!

Your website is the face of your company. It reflects you as a property manager and a professional. If your website looks professional, welcoming and includes services that clients expect, potential clients will perceive you as a professional who can handle their business needs…and be someone they want to work with. Websites that do not appear current, or do not communicate needed services, have the ability to undermine your business’ credibility.

For better or worse, people form impressions of your business within the first few seconds of visiting your website. Here are a few tips to make sure your website makes a good first impression…giving potential clients every reason to stay on your site, and ultimately bring you business:
  • Convey your company’s brand and image with a professional (consistent!) look and design
  • Include an easy-to-navigate listings page that displays current properties for rent (and a map of each property’s location)
  • Showcase the things your company does best…your competitive edge, what makes you unique
  • Include up-to-date market information, news blogs and industry-specific data
  • Include client testimonials to demonstrate credibility and trustworthiness
  • Add a Twitter and/or Facebook feed to connect with your clients…and be sure to post regularly!

We understand that updating your website, making sure it provides relevant services and current listings, and ensuring it ranks high in search results can be tedious aspects of your job. But they’re arguably some of the most important. Thankfully, the HERO PM Website system has you covered…and frees you up to focus on what you do best.

The PM Website (v4*) includes many tools and features – all designed with you in mind. Techy or not, you can easily add pages, edit pages and add webgadgets, among other things. Your listings will immediately publish to your site when you make them active in your RP Listings system (in your Control Panel). Our built-in SEO tools work in the background to improve your website’s search engine ranking. And we offer other tools to assess and improve site SEO as well. Here are some additional features and benefits of the PM Website:

Website Hosting

Your website is hosted on our high speed, high availability, secure website servers, with 24/7 monitoring and regular backups.

Website Modules

Use the Form Builder for online forms and surveys, FAQ Builder for online FAQs, Link Builder for link pages. Choose from line-of-business modules for Sales, Commercial Listings, or HOA Management.

Full Integration

The PM Website ties your RP/VR Management and RP/VR Listings systems together. Post online statements, documents and activity to your clients’ accounts. Receive online applicationsonline payments and online work requests. Make listings active in your Control Panel and they are immediately posted to your website. They can be easily updated anytime. Track everything in your Control Panel.

Website SEO

Your PM Website is optimized for effective search engine placement. Beyond that, we load your listing data, YouTube videos, blog, and other website content into a daily feed to Google. In most cases, our basic website SEO places property managers on the first page of Google.


Mobile Website

Order a mobile website for your v4 PM Website. The mobile site is a specifically optimized version of your website viewable on smart phones and other mobile browsers. You can order this package in your Control Panel under Configuration > Order & Upgrades.

Easily Editable Pages

Update content, add pictures, links, change or add categories to the navigation bar and more, all without assistance from our team. Or if you prefer, submit a project (Configuration > Orders & Upgrades) for our website team to do the work.

Google Tools Integration

Your website can be easily integrated with Google tools such as Google Analytics and Google Sitemap. Google Analytics determine how people are finding your site, what pages they find most relevant and how much traffic you get and where it’s coming from. Google Sitemap automatically publishes the public areas of your website for optimum Google indexing…helping to increase your SEO.

Email @YourDomain

Incoming email service is included in the PM Website. Configure email accounts, forwards, vacation messages, and auto-responders. Check email from a traditional client like Outlook or Thunderbird, a web-based client like Gmail, or via webmail built right into your website. You may instead choose to have your email connected to your own email server or integrated with Google Apps or Microsoft BPOS.

Email Spam Protection

All email is filtered by our robust Barracuda network. This protects your email from spam, scams, viruses, and many other malware attacks.

Website Design or Conversion

Want to take your website a step further? Consider a custom website. For $499, our design team will work with you to create a Full Custom web design, as we did for and This is a highly customized, extremely professional look for your company website. We also offer a Pro Custom website design for $999. This website is for forward-thinking companies that employ unique and creative branding. With this option, our design team creates a top-notch, industry-optimized website specific to your company, as we did for Or we can convert your current website, or another designer’s work (such as we did for, into the PM Website System for $279. Order a website design or conversion in your Control Panel under Configuration > Order & Upgrades.

Domain Registration & Management

Your domains are managed on our integrated systems, and your first two domains are included in your PM Website package fees. Add unlimited domains, each one with email and each connecting to its own webpage if desired. (You own your domains, and remain the administrative contact on them.)

Full Website Support

You have one place to go for website support should you require it. We monitor every system at all times and provide 24/7 emergency support on your website, domains, email, and everything related.


The HERO PM Website is a fully functional website that allows you to present your professional image to the online world. Please let us know if you have any questions, or if you’re interested in learning more about this system. We also offer a free online webinar that walks you through the PM Website system. You can sign up for an upcoming webinar in your Control Panel under Help > Register for Training.


* To determine if you have PM Website version 4, logon to your Website Admin Panel. If the top bar displays blue, you have v4. If it displays a yellow bar, you have v3. Upgrade from v3 to v4 in your Control Panel under Configuration > Orders & Upgrades > Order a Website Upgrade.

FAQ: My email box is full and emails are bouncing back. How do I resolve this?

If we manage your email, then you can view your email account usage by logging on to your Website Admin Panel and clicking on Email Accounts. If the account is full, the email meter will display a flashing red indicator bar. You can click on the red flashing bar for details on how to resolve the issue. The details are included here as well:

When dealing with email, your mailbox is a certain size. This means it can only hold as much email as fits in the mailbox, then it begins rejecting whatever comes in. The size of one of our standard boxes will hold thousands of average sized email messages.

It is often convenient to leave your email in the mailbox for a while. This allows you to check it from the office, from home, from on the road, etc. However, if you leave it in there forever, it will fill up your box and block new mail from coming in.

For this reason, it is best to set your email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) to empty the box periodically. This is usually called “removing messages from the server”. Each email client has a slightly different setting that allows you to do this. On some email clients, you set the number of days you want a message to stay on the server, then it’s automatically deleted. On others, you can set it to delete messages from the server after you delete them from your email client. In still others, you can set it to delete from the server when the message is removed from your Deleted Items or Trash mailbox. These are all triggers that clean up your server mailbox. You can read more about this in the help section of your specific email client.

Once you configure a reasonable trigger to delete messages from the server, do a Send/Receive or Check Messages to activate the trigger. Assuming the trigger activates, old messages will be deleted from your server mailbox, making room for new messages.

There are two other situations that can rapidly fill up a mailbox, possibly not giving the trigger a chance to activate to clear up space:

  • If you have a virus, you may be sending out a plethora of email messages to unsuspecting recipients, and getting a slew of bouncebacks into your email box, often with attachments. These will come in faster than you can delete them. Check for viruses to make sure this is not happening. If it’s due to a virus, it means there are bigger problems than just the email mailbox.
  • If someone sent you an excessively large email with a huge attachment, it may be plugging up your mailbox. Most ISPs will kill a large message before it reaches you, but this is up to each and every individual ISP. Some will allow extremely large email attachments through. If this is the case, you have to delete the large message from the server in order to make room. Do this by setting the trigger appropriately, as described above.

If this still does not solve your problem, we can go in and view the actual message file on the server. Sometimes this gives us an indication as to what’s happening, but it also means we have access to your email so we do not do this without your express written permission. If you’ve tried the above solutions and come up short, please send us an email to authorize us to view your message file.

You may also access your email from webmail and delete it from there by going to http://( (for v4 websites). This will only temporarily fix the issue, as noted above. You will still need to set your email client to empty the box periodically so the mailbox doesn’t get full again.

HERO PM’s Top Tips to Increase Your SEO

“Dear website owner, 

I visited your website and noticed that you are not listed in most of the major search engines and directories…”

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you’ve most likely received similar emails/advertisements. Did you know Google even reports receiving similar messages? The Internet is filled with companies, mostly snake-oil salesman, promising businesses the moon – and charging an arm and a leg – when it comes to their search engine rankings. The service performed by the few honest companies out there may be valuable, but what can they do that you can’t? If you have your website hosted and optimized with HERO PM, the answer is usually…not much.

Go to Google right now. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

Once you get there, type in “Property Management in {your city name}”. Does your company come up on page 1? If so, that’s great! Page 2? Not bad. Beyond that? Chances are, your website is missing the target, and you’re missing business.

It’s true that no company can guarantee you a specific ranking on the major search engines. And HERO PM is no exception. But, we can guarantee you industry-leading search engine optimization and expertise, an industry-specific website design, and the ability to customize your site for your target customers and location, based on proven strategies that will positively affect your major search engine rankings. And the best part? If your website is hosted by HERO PM, you’ve already got these tools at your fingertips!

In addition to the way a site is designed behind the scenes, there’s a lot you can do to also affect your rankings. Below is a list of some of our suggested strategies and tips that you can employ to ensure your website ranks as high as possible.* More detail on these suggestions, along with other tips and tools, and a description of what HERO PM does behind the scenes can be found in the Site SEO section of your Website Admin panel.

  • Make sure your site is geared toward your clients, and not just to search engines.
  • Ensure your pages have content relevant to the service you offer. This content should be in plain English, but include key phrases that you think someone may search on.
  • While mostly used for ad consideration, Google’s keyword tool could be helpful in determining the relevance of keywords to include in your site’s content.
  • Ensure the main page of your website contains at least 200-400 words of text. Place the most important text “above the fold”, where it can be seen without scrolling.
  • All of the main page text should describe your company, your services, and your website.
  • Ensure all your pages have appropriate titles that are both descriptive of the page’s content and contain key phrases that may be searched on.
  • Add page shortcuts that include keywords related to the page’s content.
  • Get other significant, industry related, websites to link to yours. Getting Joe Blow down the street to link to you may not help your cause, but having a reputable high traffic related website will.
  • Use the available tools, including Google Webmaster tools / Google Analytics to monitor and improve placement.
  • Understand that rankings grow slowly, and change constantly. A well-designed, well-implemented website is much better than one that is always in the process of trying to “trick” search engines into improving their ranking.


* While previous versions of the HERO PM Website module contain basic SEO tools, the majority of the SEO features described in this article can be found in our PM Website version 4. If you have a previous version (yellow bar across the top of your Website Admin Panel), you can request an upgrade to version 4 through your HERO PM Control Panel (Configuration > Orders & Upgrades > Order a Website Upgrade).

FAQ: Do you offer a mobile version of my website? If so, how does it work and what are its advantages?

Yes, all of our new PM Websites (v4) offer mobile site functionality, which is a specifically optimized version of your website viewable on smart phones and other mobile browsers. When mobile users access your website, they are automatically directed to your mobile site. Your mobile site conveniently works off of the same URL as your traditional website, so you do not need to purchase or market a new domain.

A mobile site version of your HERO PM Website offers several advantages:

  • Creating a mobile site enhances the user’s experience (faster download speed/easy navigation, etc.) and helps market your company to the myriad of smart phone users out there. A recent study by Mashable Tech indicates that nearly half (46%) of U.S. adults use smartphones as of February 2012.
  • It sets your business apart from your competition, who may not be leveraging the powerful benefits of mobile marketing. If a mobile user looking for your services finds a website that is difficult to navigate through and access information on, they will quickly move on to another site. Make sure that when mobile users are looking for your services, they find easy access to key information on your site.
  • It appeals to tech-savvy users who use their mobile phone to search for products/services the instant they are needed.
  • A mobile site makes it easy for people to find you. When users search for your business using their mobile device, you show up higher in the results simply because you have a mobile website.

Mobile site content is optimized so that it can load faster on a mobile browser, which means you’ll need to determine which content from your traditional website should be included on your mobile site. The content is determined by the “goal” of your mobile site…is it to reach new owner clients? Or is it to provide detailed information on your listings? When you order a mobile site through HERO PM, we’ll work with you to determine what information (content and pages) should be included in your mobile site. The mobile site can be ordered in your Control Panel in Configuration > Orders & Upgrades > Order a Project.

Building Owner Accounts with HERO PM

Filling the Pipeline…Getting Owner Leads. 

The Online Business Card
HERO PM distributes your online business card to numerous websites where owners are looking for property managers, such as Be sure your online business card, which can be edited from the Configuration tab in your Control Panel under Company Info, contains all of the following elements:

  • A stunning logo
  • Information about your company that inspires confidence
  • Specialization information that attracts the kind of business you do best, while eliminating the stuff that you want to avoid
  • Geographic information that includes a list of cities and zip codes where you manage


Your Company Website

Your website can be the most valuable tool you have in your marketing and information delivery arsenal, if used correctly. We suggest focusing on these three elements:

1.  The Content.  Your website content must clearly communicate the value you bring to an owner or investor. Remember that your prospect isn’t always just comparing you against other property managers, but is often working to determine the value of professional management as opposed to personal management. To be most effective, address both segments by answering the following questions on your site:

  • What are the biggest pain points of personal management; what is the value of professional management?
  • Where and how will my company help reduce or eliminate your pain?
  • What is unique about my company and why are we the best choice for your needs?
Remember to write in terms of benefits, rather than features. Put yourself in an owner’s shoes; which of the following communicates most powerfully to you?
  • Feature: “We’ve been in business over 20 years.”
  • Benefit: “With over 20 years of property management experience, we’ve seen it all and can help you avoid problems that someone else would never think of.”
  • Feature: “We offer online applications.”
  • Benefit: “With our online application offering, we receive more applications per property, and can get your home rented faster – choosing the best tenant from a larger pool of applicants.”
2.  The Call to Action.  One of the biggest mistakes when trying to woo prospects is the failure to call them to action. We often deliver compelling information, which is great for the education of our prospects. But to build a business, our prospects must do something with the information they just read. While offering a phone number or email address for prospects to call is a good step, the “Request Management Proposal” seems to work even better in many cases. With your website, you can make this simple and effective.
  • Create a form page in your website, asking for information like the owner’s property address and contact information. Ask for the least amount of information you need; long forms can be perceived as scary and are more likely to be abandoned.
  • In the intro, be sure to communicate how you’re going to use this information, and that it does not create an obligation on the part of the owner.
  • In the Success Response (the page that an owner sees after successfully completing and submitting the form), consider offering the owner more detailed information, a link to your listing packet, a video of your offering, and what to expect next.
  • Track submissions with the Form Results for this page, and be sure to follow through quickly and thoroughly.
3.  The Circulation.  Like a store needs a road leading to it, you need to make sure prospects are reaching your website so you can explore doing business with them. Your website must be where people are looking.

Focus on two areas:
a)  Direct navigation traffic. Be sure your website address is short, memorable, and everywhere. Put your website, as well as scannable QR code that directs traffic to your site, on your yard signs, on envelopes you mail, letterhead, business cards, on your car, on park benches, on Super Bowl ads (well, maybe not that one). When someone is thinking about property management in your area or in your market, you want them to run across your website address in their memory or their field of vision, somewhere.

b)  Search Engine Traffic. If someone is going to Google and specifically searching for property management, you want to be found. While the science and art of this is outside the scope of this article, here are a few pointers:
    • Be sure you have at least version 4 of the HERO PM Website System. Version 4 complies with all of Google’s advice for effective ranking, and adds a bunch of automated processes and industry-specific user tools to maximize ranking.
    • Use the version 4 SEO Tools found in your Site Administration.
    • Be sure you have the keywords in your website that you want to be found on. Be specific; don’t try to fight for a top position for “property management”, instead, try to get the position for “residential property management,” or “property management in Des Moines”.

HERO PM Introduces New Features at NARPM® Convention

We recently attended NARPM®’s 23rd Annual Convention and Trade show in Dallas, Texas. The highlights included developing deeper relationships with many of our members, introducing some exciting new features, and of course we can’t forget…riding the bull. We were truly impressed at the event’s turnout. I guess it’s as they say…everything in Texas is bigger and better, and well, so was this year’s NARPM® convention. Hopefully you took a minute to stop by our booth and chat with us, but if you missed us, or the event for that matter, here’s a highlight of the new features that HERO PM introduced:

New Website Design Option: Pro Custom

HERO PM is now offering a new addition to the website design options lineup. In addition to the Rapid Start (free), Conversion ($249) and Full Custom Website design ($499), you can now choose the Pro Custom website design (Member Cost: $999). If you own a forward-thinking company that employs unique and creative branding, the Pro Custom website design is for you. Our design team will create a top-notch professional industry-optimized website specific to your company and your unique desires at a fraction of the cost of a typical web design. The process starts with a discussion about your preferences, and allows you to review and approve every step of the way.

HERO Payments

In today’s technology-driven world tenants want the convenience of paying their rent online, just as they pay their other bills. So as part of the HERO PM suite of products, the HERO Payments system provides property managers the convenience of scheduling pre-authorized and recurring rental payments. In addition to being convenient, the HERO Payments system is also cost effective. Each pre-authorized rent payment transaction costs only $0.50…the lowest averaged payment cost anywhere. And it doesn’t stop there! HERO Payments has the most comprehensive security and fraud protection available for the property manager, tenant, and property owner, with the utmost protection from liability. HERO Payments…convenient, cost effective, secure. Need we say more?

Hybrid Cloud

The HERO PM Hybrid Cloud provides a safer alternative to traditional cloud computing by giving you both a “private” and a “public” cloud. The “private” cloud is where certain mission critical i.e. irreplaceable data is kept. The “public” cloud is traditional cloud computing and the place where information that extends outside of your private cloud is kept. For over 10 years HERO PM has provided this hybrid functionality to our members, and we are happy to announce our next generation Hybrid Cloud. In the next generation, we’re providing even more ways to quickly and easily copy the data that you’ve stored with us to your own storage. We will also provide offline access to the most recent version of essential data, where possible. Even without an Internet connection, you’ll be able to look up much of the data that typically lives in the public cloud. HERO PM is the trusted cloud provider in residential property management…and we will continue to be.