Understanding Harmony: Queue it Up

Some things are better queued.

There are areas in Harmony where you want to do all the work now, but produce the result later. We’ll look at a couple of these.

If you write checks, you’ll often want to perform the financial transaction now, and issue checks at the end of the day, week, or month. When you queue a check (which you can set as a default preference), it will sit in the queue until you’re ready to process it. If a single owner or vendor has multiple checks in the queue, simply choose Consolidate to put all the transactions from a single bank account, to a single payee, on a single check. You can even set a preference for the maximum number of payouts to consolidate onto a single check.

If you send messages by email or text, you may find yourself wanting them to be delivered some time after you send them. This is a fantastic solution for those property managers working after hours, wanting their email to be delivered during normal business hours (either because you want to make sure it’s seen, or because you don’t want your owners thinking it’s a good idea to reply and start a middle-of-the-night conversation). To queue a message, simply compose it, then select Send Later and choose the date and time to send it.

You can also queue Appointment Confirmation messages. Whether you’re scheduling a meeting, a showing, or a workorder, you can queue up the appointment confirmation at the time you create the activity or maintenance, to be sent at a later time (like the day before, or the morning of). This optimizes your schedule – you’re reminding people of the event at the same time as you’re getting the most accurate response on whether you might be stood up.

All these tools are designed to improve your workflow and preserve your sanity. If you have other ideas for how Harmony can help you stay sane and productive, drop us a line.