Understanding Harmony: Advance Application and Abandonment Awareness

Rental applications are a big part of your property management business, and Harmony provides the most powerful rental application system available.

When configuring your online application, you have the ability to add all the questions you want to ask, along with powerful options to provide on-screen question help, make an answer required, choose the available answer format (like yes/no questions, or options in a list), and make question display conditional on other responses (such as asking for pet details when the applicant indicates they have pets).

An occasionally overlooked feature is one you may not realize you even wanted. In your settings, you can opt to copy the agent when an application is started. This will send a copy of your Application Started template message (which always goes to the applicant) to the agent. From this, your agent may do a few things:

  • Wait and see if the application is completed.
  • Contact the applicant to help them understand the application.
  • Contact the applicant on abandoned applications to determine why they didn’t finish the application, and what they need to proceed.
  • Provide the owner with information on how many applications were started on their unit.

This may not be something you’ll ever use, but it’s a powerful feature to help your prospective tenants and assure your owners you’re keeping a close eye on getting their vacancy filled.