Understanding Harmony: Where’s My Worker?

Maintenance management is a big part of Harmony, with dozens of different tools to simply and streamline maintenance in your property management business.

One oft-asked question is, “Where’s my worker?” FedEx knows where every truck is at all times. You have a similar strength when you require vendors to use your Harmony Job Log.

When a vendor shows up on-site for maintenance, they simply tap the button in their portal app to indicate they’ve arrived. When they depart, the tap the button to indicate they’re leaving. The app will record their exact position, and even things like how fast they’re moving at the time, so they can’t cruise by the home, tap the button, and move on to the coffee shop for a while.

In the same spot in your app, the vendor can also indicate an estimate for work, indicate work is completed, or refuse work. All of these actions update immediately across all of your systems in Harmony.

For every work order, you can view the job log of when a vendor arrived and departed and how many minutes they were on-site. You can also run job logs by vendor to see everything they’ve done for you.

You may also choose to view the job log when reviewing and recording invoices, to make sure the invoice details line up with the reality of where the vendor’s been. This is one of many factors that you can use to determine vendor suitability, which helps you decide who you want to assign future work to. (Other factors include on-time and on-budget performance, and tenant/owner reviews of your vendors.)

Harmony gives you maintenance management tools that are rarely included in anything but the most expensive maintenance systems, and integrates them all in an easy-to-use way with everything else you do in property management. If there’s anything else we can do to make maintenance super-simple, just let us know.