Understanding Harmony: I’m Still Here!

Keeping in contact with owners, tenants, and vendors is an essential element of keeping your business stable and growing. Harmony gives you all the tools to stay in communication with everyone you do business with.

It’s easy to notify your owners, tenants, and vendors when something happens pertaining to them, and you can even make it automatic. People can also sign up for automated emails that summarize all activity on their account each day. And when it’s time for a custom message, it’s a piece of cake to click the email or text button and send out a message.

Further, you can turn on birthday and anniversary reminders, making it simple to send a nice birthday greeting or a, “thanks for another year together,” email.

With all this, it’s hard for anything to slip through the cracks. But there are still some people who are never squeaky wheels, and they may want to hear from you, too. For this, there is a Contact Report.

Run the Contact Report for any date range to see who is taking up most of your communicating time, and who might be out there waiting to hear from you. The report summarizes how many documents you’ve sent to each person, how many emails you’ve exchanged, how many texts you’ve sent, and how many conversations you’ve had during the period.

There’s also a handy number that shows how long it’s been since a person’s contact information has been updated. You may be sending emails to a person who hasn’t used that email address since the last ice age, and you don’t know the messages are never being read. When the last contact update interval turns red, it may be a good time to reach out and see if you get a response.

Harmony’s CRM tools go way beyond what’s outlined here, but rest assured with Harmony you’ve got what you need to stay in touch – effectively and effortlessly.