Understanding Harmony: A Warning About Your Wolf

Pets and pet policies are a big part of your property management business, and Harmony helps you with this in a way no other software does.

Your Standard Policies, Programs, & Disclosures give you a place to add a standard policy that applies to all units. Each listing allows you to specify the pets considered for that unit.

Each unit can have pre-application instructions that highlight pet restrictions and/or pet application policies for that unit. In your application, you can ask pet owners as many pet questions as you want, and include any or all of them in your pet screening or record keeping processes. The default application gives you a starting point that includes all essential information for up to five different pets, and asks ADA-compliant animal-related questions for non-pets occupying your units.

Once you’ve received a pet application or authorized a pet, take advantage of the animal profile that each tenant has. In this, you can record all pet and animal information, including a photo, the special purpose of the animal (pet and non-pet options are available), and everything else – from microchip/tattoo records to obedience/special training logs. Each of your tenants can have a profile for as many animals as you’ve authorized.

When you create a lease, the tenant’s animal profiles are displayed allowing you to always be sure that the correct pet authorizations and charges are added with the lease.

Harmony makes the process of including pets and animals simple and reliable. Fido and his guardian are going to love you!