Understanding Harmony: Message for You, Sir!

Harmony’s communication (CRM) tools are powerful and fully integrated with every aspect of your property management software.

We’ve previously covered how easy it is to automatically notify owners, tenants, and vendors of actions that occur on their account, like a new invoice or an upcoming inspection.

When you communicate with someone you do business with, you’ll typically use your business email address like James@JimsManagement.com. When an owner emails you, how do you take that – from wherever you receive it – and make sure it gets logged to that owner’s account? Harmony makes it super simple! Just forward your email address to your Harmony CRM email address, and you’ll get the message in both places. When it’s received in Harmony, it will automatically be logged to the owner based on the sender’s email address. If it’s a new address that hasn’t been used before, the system will prompt you to connect the email address to an account, and will add it as an additional contact.

Every email conversation that you have with an owner will be neatly organized and searchable. From any message, you can easily set an activity or task, like have a meeting, or make a phone call, or send a report, based on what the email asks for. It’s easy to keep track of what you’ve told every owner (or tenant, or vendor), what they’ve asked for, and what you need to do. All in one place.

Harmony will make it look like you have the world’s best executive assistant, while you sail through your work day!