Understanding Harmony: An Excellent Experience

Many property managers find themselves “managing by squeaks”. It goes like this: wait for a squeaky wheel to squeak loudly enough, and then give it some grease. With enough experience, we discover that managing this way adds stress to our life. We train our owners, tenants, guests, and vendors that they have to annoy us to get what they want. There’s an easier way.

With Harmony, any time there is an interaction between you and an owner, tenant, guest, or vendor, you can simply tap the button to “Send Experience Survey”. This sends a quick survey to the person to ask them about their experience. They give the experience a rating, and a rating to their property manager. You can view these ratings individually or report on them over time. You can also see the overall satisfaction level of each person you do business with, and take action on those who feel they’ve been under-served.

When the experience is a work order, the owner or occupant also gives a grade to the vendor. This grade is factored into their “Suitability Rating”, the grade that shows you who you should give more work to, and who should get less work – or none at all. (As a side note, the vendor’s on-time and on-budget performance is also automatically factored into this rating.)

Armed with this data, you’ll know when something is completed, but did not produce the level of satisfaction it should have. You can proactively address this, keeping people perennially happy and assuring them that they don’t need to squeak to get your attention.

Beyond Experience Ratings, your Portals give owners, tenants, guests, and vendors a fast, direct line to get what they need from you. Most questions can be answered and most problems resolved before the person ever needs to speak with you. For other items, like work requests or payments, the user can move things forward with a couple of clicks or taps, removing a huge burden from your work day.

Property management is often more about managing relationships than it is about managing property. Harmony makes this easy, giving everyone consistently excellent experiences with quick resolutions and smooth communication. Welcome back, sanity!