Understanding Harmony: Quick Access

Hunting and pecking is for chickens. You’re not a chicken, you’re a property manager!

Don’t hunt around for the options you need in Harmony. When you see a favorite menu icon, click it to add it to your custom menu. It’s then available from the menu (hamburger) icon in the top left of your screen. You can sort the menu so your most used functions are up top, or grab a menu icon and drag it off the menu to remove it forever (although you can always add it back the same way you added it the first time).

Visit Settings, Menu & Guides, Preferences to see Quick Launch buttons. These are the most commonly used options throughout the system. Turn one on to add it to the Quick Launch bar at the top right of your screen, beside your profile.

If something’s been added and you need to process it, there’s no searching required. Simply click or tap the white alert icon at the top center of your screen – it’ll be the one with a number in a circle (that number is the quantity of those items waiting for you to process). Whether it’s a bank deposit, email message, or rental application that’s waiting for you (or many other things), you can quickly jump to it and do your thing.

Have you been somewhere recently and want to get back there? Show your page track with the footprints in the bottom left of your screen. Each screen you’ve recently visited will display across the bottom of your screen. Hover over one to see details including when you were last there, and click or tap it to visit it again. Want to see a full list of everywhere you’ve been since you last logged in? Select your Session History (the first icon in the page track bar) to get a complete list since the beginning of your session, and click or tap an item to magically jump to it.

It’s our goal to eliminate the need for gallus gallus domesticus behavior in the world of property management. We all know our industry has been plagued by this for far too long, and we’ve all had those days where we feel like we need to go home and bandage our beaks. We want Harmony users to avoid this tragedy. If you have ideas for how we can make things faster, easier, and simpler, please send your suggestions our way and help us improve your life.

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