Changes to Zillow Distribution

The Zillow Rental Network (including Trulia and Hotpads) has recently started charging per-listing fees for online rental listings in select states. HERO PM has been distributing your listings to Zillow since Day 1, but this change was unexpected and has an impact on our members.

We recently provided a survey to better understand how you feel about this change and what you’d like us to do about it. Based on this, we’re making changes, and you will need to take action if you’d like to continue to have your listings distributed to Zillow.

What’s Changing?

In HERO PM, Zillow is now classified as a “Paid” export partner, indicating clearly that Zillow may or will charge you to publish your listings. We continue to provide your listings to Zillow at no charge, so there is nothing to pay HERO, it’s only payment to Zillow that’s affected (many of you have already been contacted by Zillow to let you know they will no longer publish your listings without payment).

As with all paid export partners, you need to individually opt-in each listing that you want exported. This gives you the opportunity to be selective about what you get charged for, only opting-in the listings where the owner has agreed to pay the extra charge, or you are absorbing the charge yourself.

What Do I Need to Do?

Starting immediately, each of your listings will have the Zillow option in the “Partner Site Placement” section toward the bottom of the listing, when editing. If you have a listing that you wish to opt-in, select the Zillow option.

We will continue to export all listings to Zillow, as we always have, through the end of the July. On August 1st, our feed will switch, and only listings opted-in will be exported. Over the next 2 weeks, as you edit listings, be sure to opt them in to Zillow if you want them to continue to be exported.

If you don’t want anything exported to Zillow after August 1st, simply do nothing. Don’t opt any listings in, and on August 1st, they’ll drop out of the Zillow feed.

If you’d like to remove Zillow as an option entirely, go to Configuration > RP Preferences > Listing Export Partners, uncheck Zillow, and save.

How Will I Know if a Listing Has Been Exported to Zillow?

In each listing there is a button labeled “Quick Notes/History”. Select this, then select the button labeled “Export History”. This will display a list of all the places where your listing has been sent. If your listing was included in the nightly Zillow feed, you can see that here.

Is There a Better Way?

Zillow’s change appears to be unilateral in states where they’re charging, and Zillow is ending their era of the free ride for everyone.

HERO Harmony, our new cloud-based software, includes all of the features of legacy HERO PM, plus accounting and CRM. In this software, we are exploring and negotiating some innovative and unique listing distribution and export options that the industry has not yet seen. For the time being, this Zillow change may be painful, but we’ve been in the industry long enough to know that the only certainty is change, and we’ll continue to be ahead of the curve in our new software as the changes come.

New and Improved HERO Help Sessions

Do you wish that there was a training class for HERO PM that would let you get help with the parts of the system that are troubling you? Would you like to interact with other HERO PM users in the industry so that you could share best practices?

You are in luck!! We are switching up our HERO Help sessions to be more in line with the support you are looking for.

When will the sessions be held?

We will schedule several different times per month so that you can choose the one that best fits your schedule. The dates and times will be included in the invite

What types of topics will be discussed?

  • Online Applications
  • Online Payments
  • Setting Owners Up Online
  • Inspections
  • Listing Reports
  • Online Work Orders from Configuration to Completion

We will also be looking at the most commonly asked questions coming into our Support Team and making sure that we are addressing them during the sessions.

How Do I Get An Invite?

Go to and click on HERO Help Online and sign up.

Invites will be sent out at the beginning of the month so that you can get them added to your calendar.

We look forward to meeting online with you as we help you to get the most out of your HERO PM software.

System Highlights: Owner Marketing Reports

marketingreportSMUse the owner Marketing Report (requires RP Listings system) to easily and conveniently communicate your marketing strategies to property owners. It contains the activity that’s been generated on their property, and prospective tenant interest. Emailing this report regularly provides your owners the peace of mind that you’re working hard to get their property rented fast.

The Marketing Report lists websites where the owner’s property is viewed, it includes property statistics (such as views, showings, inquiries and days on market), and notes from showings and tenant inquiries. This content is auto-populated into the report, so it’s important to keep the listing’s information updated and accurate. Be sure to clear listing statistics at the beginning of a vacancy period to ensure the stats are correct, and add office notes for any showings and inquiries (in RP Listings > Communications > Search Showings / Search Inquiries).

To view the Marketing Report and email it to your owner, go to a listing’s Master View, then click on the Flyers/Reports button > Marketing Report. Text will automatically be displayed in the template; use the editing tools to format the message, customize font, as well as insert links, images, or a table if desired. You can customize the template text in Configuration > RP Preferences > Report Template: Marketing.

To email the Marketing Report:

  • Enter or verify the owner’s name and email address at the top of the Marketing Report screen. These fields will already contain the owner’s name and email if your package includes the RP Management system, and the listing is tied to the owner’s profile.
  • Click on the “Email Report” button to send.

Harness the Power of Mobile Marketing with HERO PM Tools.

Mobile marketing has become the new medium for reaching people on their smart phones and tablets. And it’s no wonder. For many of us, our smart phone is the first thing we reach for in the morning, and the last thing we put down at night. According to, “Some 88% of U.S. adults own a cell phone of some kind as of April 2012, and more than half of these cell owners (55%) use their phone to go online”. Last year, eMarketer estimated that “the amount of time US consumers spend using mobile devices—excluding talk time—will grow 51.9% to an average 82 minutes per day, up from just 34 minutes in 2010”. As people spend more and more time on their mobile devices, it becomes vital for businesses to reach them with mobile marketing. But how do you harness the power of mobile marketing to successfully market your company and services?

Not only has HERO PM has made accessing web-based online portals for existing customers easier, but we’ve also made it easy for you to reach prospective owners and tenants by incorporating mobile marketing into your overall marketing strategy. Read on to learn what mobile marketing tools are available with your HERO PM systems, how they can benefit your business and help you reach more clients.

QR Codes

QRCodesmQR code marketing is one of the easiest ways to connect a client with your business. QR codes are a type of bar code designed for scanning by mobile devices. With a QR code scanner app (free in most app stores), any smart phone user can scan the image and be directed to relevant information, such as your company website, featured listings, a tracking webpage, an external webpage, or almost anything else you can imagine. QR codes can be included on yard and window signs, available listing reports, listing flyers, listing postcards, your business card, and more. We generally recommend having QR codes link to a page that is unique and trackable, so that you can determine the effectiveness of your QR code marketing. Create QR codes for your marketing materials in your Control Panel under Configuration > RP Preferences > List: QR Codes.

QR codes for your listings (requires RP Listings system) are automatically generated, and include tracking and mobile optimization. They can be added to yard/window signs, available listing reports, listing flyers, listing postcards, etc. Scanned QR codes will show up as a Mobile View in your listing statistics. View listing QR codes in the Listing Master View > Mobile Options.

Text Response

TextResponseThe text response system (requires RP Listings system) includes texting codes that can be placed on your print media – property flyers, yard signs, etc. for potential tenants to conveniently access listing information, company information, etc. Prospects can text a rental ID to a “short code” (313131) that is registered with all cell phone carriers, and will receive an immediate text response with the property’s full details…photos, floor plans, videos, and even a rental application. Whenever a text response is generated on a property, you receive a pending inquiry in your communication system with the prospect’s contact information, so you can follow-up with them, record notes, and include the info in the marketing report to the owner. A text inquiry is recorded as a Mobile View in the listing’s statistics.

Mobile Website

People searching for information on their smart phones are eager to get accessible information fast, which is why having a mobile optimized website is vital for your business. Mobile websites are available on PM Websites (v4 or later). The mobile site is a specifically optimized version of your website viewable on smart phones and other mobile browsers. It provides an improved visitor experience, faster download speeds to keep visitors on your site longer, sets your business apart from your competition, appeals to tech-savvy users, and more. When mobile users access your website, they are automatically directed to your mobile site. Your mobile site conveniently works off of the same URL as your traditional website, so you do not need to purchase or market a new domain. Your PM Website (v4 or later) includes mobile website functionality. If you’d like us to create mobile site pages for you, you can order a project in your Control Panel under Configuration > Order & Upgrades > Order a Project.

Mobile Listing Views and Shortcuts

MMpicsmUSEEach of your listings have an alternate view optimized for mobile browsers (requires RP Listings system). This view is specially formatted for smart phones, and displays your listing details, photos, video, etc. in a mobile view. You can track mobile listing views in the Listing Master View in your Control Panel.

Create a mobile view link by adding an M to the end of the numeric portion of your property ID on a listing shortcut link. For example, if the standard view for a listing is located at, the mobile view is located at

System Highlights: QR Code Marketing

QR (quick response) codes are one of the simplest ways to direct people to your business. With a QR code app scanner, any smart phone user can scan the QR image and be directed to relevant information, such as your available listings, a featured listing, any of your company webpages, a tracking webpage, an external webpage, or almost anything else you can imagine. Your business goals will help you determine how to best incorporate QR codes into your marketing strategy. For example, if your goal is to reach new owner clients, then place a QR code on your business card and company marketing material that links to your “owner services” webpage. If you want to drive prospective clients to your available listings, then include listing QR codes on flyers, yard and window signs, and available listing reports. You can direct them to a single featured rental, or to all of your available rentals.


There are many benefits to using QR code marketing. Tech-savvy applicants will appreciate the quick and easy access to full listing details on their smart phone, and they help to pre-screen tenants without any work on your part. For example, if a prospect scans the QR code on their phone and then sees that the property is a 2 bedroom rather than a 3 bedroom, you’ve eliminated a lot of work. Owners will be impressed that you are employing the latest technology to maximize the marketability of their rental home. Scanned QR codes show up as a Mobile View in your listing statistics, so you can track how many times your QR code is scanned for each listing. And they direct traffic to your website, helping to increase your SEO.

Creating a QR Code for a website page:

You can create a QR Code for any website URL including your company site, a specific page on your site, or a specific page on a related site. The code can then be scanned by any phone with a QR code reader, and the viewer will be directed to the associated website or webpage. (QR Codes for listings are generated automatically in the system, see Creating a QR code for a listing for details.)

  • In your HERO PM Control Panel, go to Configuration > RP Preferences > List: QR Code.
  • Enter a URL to generate QR Code.
  • Click the QR Code icon, then copy/paste the QR Code to your literature and marketing materials.

Creating a QR Code for a listing:

With the RP Listings system, each listing has an automatically generated QR code associated with it. (Note: If you are reusing a listing shortcut, consider using a shortcut QR code in place of the listing’s QR code. Contact us at if you’d like more information on shortcut QR codes.)

  • In your Control Panel, navigate to the Listing Master View for any listing.
  • Click Mobile Options, then click View QR code.
  • The popup window displays the QR code for the listing. Right-click to copy this image, and paste it anywhere that you want to print the QR code – marketing materials/business cards/etc. You can also print an Available Listings Report with all QR codes by selecting the Display scannable QR code checkbox on the report parameters.

Tips and Tools to Help You Reach Your 2013 Business Goals

As we approach 2013, many of us have already considered the goals (dare we say resolutions!) we’d like to accomplish in the New Year. Of course many of our goals are personal (lose those last 10 pounds, take an underwater basket weaving course, sail around the world, etc.). Many of us also set professional goals. Because of this, we’ve put together a list of common goals that may be on your list as property managers. And we’ve outlined some tips, tools and ideas to help you reach those goals. Of course this list isn’t comprehensive, so if you have other goals not on our list, please let us know. We’d be happy to send you some specific ideas and tools we have available to help you accomplish them.


Goal: Fill Vacancies Quicker

Consider the following tools and tips to help you market your listings more effectively, and fill your vacancies quicker:

  • Confirm a competitive monthly rent for the listing – use the Comparable Rents report in your Control Panel (RP Listings > Reports > Comparable Rents) to view comparable rents in a zip code region. (requires RP Listings system)
  • Most people conduct their rental search online, so give them a good feel of the property by including at least six photos, plus a video walkthrough or virtual tour in the listing.
  • Make sure the property is appealing in photos, videos, and in person, and pay attention to details. Pick the right angles that best highlight the property (i.e. avoid taking a photo of the master bedroom with the full laundry basket in view).
  • Place a QR and/or text code on your print media – property flyers, yard signs, etc. for potential tenants to conveniently access listing information.
  • Determine your listing’s market effectiveness by running a Marketing Audit report in your Control Panel. This report rates your listing’s marketing effectiveness and provides suggestions for making your listing more market ready. (requires RP Listings system)
  • Write effective property descriptions – since many Internet users glance through text instead of reading it, use short bullet points to highlight the property details. List the most important “selling points” in the beginning to get their attention quick.
  • Get maximum Internet exposure…HERO PM has the largest syndication/distribution list in the industry. This means your listings will get viewed on more sites by more people with our Listings systems. (requires RP Listings system)
  • Market your listings on social media.
  • Offer an online application for prospects to quickly and conveniently submit their applications and pay their application fee online. (Submitted online applications can be instantly screened in real time by one of our Integrated Screening Providers.) (requires RP Listings and RP Management systems)


Goal: Improve client satisfaction and retention

At the very core of every successful business is the relationship that it has with its clients, so connecting with your clients and improving client satisfaction is important! Consider the following tools and tips to help you improve client satisfaction and retention:

  • Start at the top! Your team will follow your lead…so make client satisfaction your top priority and it will work its way down through your business.
  • Many times client dissatisfaction is due to a lack of communication. So, communicate with your clients regularly through multiple medias and venues. Consider sending a regular newsletter to clients with updates on industry news, opportunities, interesting articles, etc. or adding a blog to your website.
  • Use the owner marketing report to keep owners updated on activity generated on their property. The marketing report displays the number of times the property has been viewed, the number of online inquiries that you’ve received, the number of days the property has been advertised online and more. (Email the report to your owner directly from your Control Panel in the Listing Master View > Flyers/Reports > Marketing Report.) (requires RP Listings system)
  • Create an online website feedback form and request candid feedback from clients on what your company and team does well, and ways you could improve. Then use their responses to make positive changes.
  • Be tech savvy…and advertise it. Make sure clients understand what tools you use to market their listing and maintain their property through the course of the rental period.
    • Give your owners the most online exposure for their listings by using the RP Listings system. The HERO PM RP Listings system exports (syndicates) listings to the nation’s largest network of rental and housing related websites. (requires RP Listings system)
    • Promote your listings with social media – post your listing to Craigslist and Twitter from the Listing Master View in your Control Panel.
    • Create a customizable online application that allows prospects to fill out the application through your listing; the application data displays in your Control Panel for quick and easy processing. (requires RP Listings and RP Management systems)
    • Use one of our Integrated Screening Partners to screen submitted online applications in real time and quickly determine whether applicants are qualified. (requires RP Listings and RP Management systems)
    • Utilize Online Workorders to make it easy for tenants to submit structured maintenance requests from their phone or computer, ensuring repairs don’t go ignored. The workorder is sent to the vendors quickly so they can respond and react quickly and accurately. (requires RP Management system)
    • Accept rent payments online via the HERO Payments system to increase on-time rent payments. (requires RP Management system)
  • In today’s world, most clients want to be able to access information, make payments and execute other routine processes online, so offer useful and convenient tools and options to your owners.
    • Allow online account access, so owners can view activity and monthly statements. Give owners access to see all current income and expenses pertaining to their property as well as monthly statements online. (requires RP Management system)
    • Give owners the convenience of making online payments through their account. (requires RP Management system)
    • Order a mobile website, and give owners access to their online account from their mobile phone to access their information anywhere. (requires PM Website)
  • Set client satisfaction guidelines and make sure your entire team is on board with them. It will take an effort from your entire company to boost client satisfaction levels, but it’s worth it!


Goal: Streamline processes in my office procedures

Streamlining processes in your office involves reducing duplications and automating office procedures where possible. This increases productivity and efficiency, minimizes unnecessary costs, and promotes a better working environment for your team. A win-win-win!

  • Research all of your company’s procedures, and determine redundancies. If there are duplicate processes that occur, such as the review of a document by several different people when only one reviewer is necessary, then eliminate the duplication.
  • Request input from your team about how to improve efficiency. (Be sure your team knows the goal is not to improve their efficiency, but rather work-flow procedure efficiency…there’s a difference!)
  • Make marketing your listings work for you…rather than posting rental listings to multiple sites, post your listing once to your Control Panel, make it active, and it’s exported to your website (with the integrated listings page), our company websites, our partner sites and more. (requires RP Listings system)
  • Instead of mailing online statements each month to owners and tenants, consider posting statements online. With the HERO PM RP Management system and PROMAS (and even without PROMAS!), you can easily publish activity, documents and monthly statements to your clients’ accounts. (requires RP Management system)
  • Utilize the Online Workorders tool that allows tenants to submit an online work request to you. View the work request in your Control Panel, and generate a workorder, which can be emailed directly to your vendor, and posted to their online account. (requires RP Management system)
  • Create a customizable online application that allows prospects to submit an application from your active listing. The data is posted to your Control Panel, and from there can be submitted to one of our Integrated Screening Partners. (requires RP Listings and RP Management systems)
  • Offer online rental payments to your tenants via the HERO Payments system, which saves you time and money processing their checks each month. (requires RP Management system)


Goal: Increase company revenue by growing my client base

Consider the following tools and tips to help you increase company revenue by growing your client base:

  • Make sure your current clients are happy! Word of mouth from satisfied clients is the most powerful tool in your arsenal, and can save significant money spent on other forms of marketing.
  • Give your PM website a facelift to improve your marketing efforts – most new clients will visit your website before contacting you, so be sure your website makes a good first impression…and makes them want to work with you.
  • Ask current clients for their referrals and consider providing an incentive for the referring client.
  • Include client testimonials on your website…they help to add credibility and trust in your business, and may be the needed “push” a prospective client needs to work with you.
  • Reach out to other successful professionals – both within the property management field (i.e. NARPM®) and outside it – for ideas on how they grow and develop their client base. Meet with them regularly to share ideas and get input and feedback.
  • Connect and network with clients via social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), which enables them to easily share your message with others.


Goal: Improve communication within my team

Effective communication is an important part of any successful team. It helps to boost team morale and improves efficiency and productivity. Consider the following tools and tips to help improve communication within your team.

  • Encourage an open work environment, and be available to meet with team members. Keeping the communication channel open encourages your team to come forward with any problems they may be experiencing before they become too big, as well as helping to establish two-way trust.
  • Part of good communication involves conducting meaningful meetings. Regular team meetings help keep everybody in the loop, but many of us spend time in meetings that are unproductive and often unnecessary. Have an agenda for your company meetings, be sure the necessary people attend, and keep to the appointed start and end times.
  • Utilize the Calendar tool to keep your team organized and on the same page with activities and events. Your team can schedule projects, tasks and appointments, and easily access and view the events in their Control Panel > RP Management > Calendar. (requires RP Management system)
  • Connect with your team outside the office – through community service activities, sports activities, company picnics, etc. Sometimes interacting in a different setting with your team helps to open the doors of communication.
  • Communication breakdown is often caused by ambiguity, so be clear in your objectives, expected outcomes and deadlines. Consider using Virtual Boards to easily track and manage team tasks such as new owner onboarding, move-outs, marketing campaigns and more. You can set deadlines, assign tasks, and track progress all in one location. Everyone can see who’s responsible for each task, its priority level and when it’s due. (requires RP Management system)
  • Empower your team and involve them in company goals. Put together a task force and ask them to help you create the plan. Or hold brainstorming sessions to deal with issues that arise.

HERO Payments System: Pre-Authorized Payment Solution

The HERO Payments system includes two payment solutions: the Standard payment solution, and the Pre-Authorized payment solution. This article specifically highlights the Pre-Authorized payment solution, its features, benefits and configuration.

The Pre-Authorized payment solution allows tenants to authorize rental payments for the entirety of their lease for only $0.50 per transaction. Once tenants have pre-authorized their payments in their online accounts, they simply logon to their account each month, click the Payments tab, and initiate their one-click rental payment. Or, if they’ve authorized you to collect their rent, you can conveniently process the payment in your Control Panel on or after the due date. The Pre-Authorized payment solution is the most convenient, cost effective, time saving rental payment option available. And best of all…it’s already included in your RP Management system!


Pre-Authorized Payments: Features

  • The tenant can schedule pre-authorized rental payments (via ACH) for the entirety of their lease. (Application fees, owner charges and credit card payments can be made using the Standard payment system.)
  • The cost per transaction is only $0.50…the lowest averaged payment cost anywhere. (Property management company is charged the $0.50 fee.)
  • You may charge a convenience fee for the clients’ use of the electronic payment system, either as a percentage of the payment or a set dollar amount.
  • Once tenants have pre-authorized their payments, they logon to their account each month, click the Payments tab and initiate their one-click rental payment.
  • With the tenant’s authorization, you can process the tenant’s pre-authorized payments on or after the lease payment due date. Process the payment in your Control Panel under RP Management > Tenants > Process Pre-approved Payments.
  • The Pre-Authorized payment solution is fully integrated into your RP Management system. You can configure online payments in your Control Panel, lookup payments, process payments, export payments to a lockbox file and more, all through your RP Management system.
  • You can enable or disable online payments at any time.


Pre-Authorized Payments: Benefits

  • It’s cost-effective!
    • The Pre-Authorized payment solution via ACH costs only $0.50 per transaction (fee charged to property management company by PayPal), which is the lowest averaged payment cost anywhere.
    • There are no setup fees, no monthly fees and no hidden fees associated with the Pre-Authorized Payment Solution.
    • You can reduce delinquencies and collection challenges, and reduce paper check processing time and cost…saving you (and your tenant!) time and money.
  • It’s convenient!
    • The HERO Payments system is seamlessly integrated into the RP Management system. One logon, all the tools you need in one place, integrated with each other. You can configure the online payments in your Control Panel, lookup payments, process payments, export payments to a rent payment report or a PROMAS lockbox file and more, all through your RP Management system.
    • Tenants can conveniently pay online from anywhere, or authorize you to process their payments.
    • You can free your staff from chasing rent payments each month.
    • You can instantly turn payments off or on manually at any time, freeing yourself from the headaches related to terminations or evictions.
  • It’s Secure!
    • The HERO Payments system offers the most comprehensive security and fraud protection you can find for your company and your tenant, and protects you from liability.
    • Online payments are made through PayPal as the payment processor. This results in the most comprehensive security and fraud protection available for you and your tenant, with the utmost protection from liability.
    • It protects the privacy of its users. When tenants make payments through their online account, you never see their bank account or credit card information.
  • It’s Trust Accounting Compliant!
    • Fully qualified trust accounting ensures all transactions are properly handled. You and your tenants can be assured that financial transactions and records will always be accurate, always detail each transaction fully, and provide a complete audit trail.
    • Trust account funds can be tracked separately from other funds in accordance with the Real Estate Commissions rules prohibiting “co-mingling” of funds.


Pre-Authorized Payments: Configuration

Before a tenant can setup and make pre-authorized rental payments, you must first configure the Pre-Authorized payment option in your Control Panel:

  • Go to Configuration > System Preferences
    • Link your PayPal account to your Control Panel (once linked, it cannot be changed)
    • Add Tenant ACH Convenience Fee if desired (should not exceed $1)
    • Add an ACH Pre-Approval Buffer up to 10% of the lease amount (adding the ACH Pre-Approval buffer will allow you to add late charges, maintenance fees, etc. to the total amount due)
    • Click Save Info
  • Go to Configuration > System Options
    • Check the Online Portal box to allow online account access for your clients
    • Check the Online Payments box to allow online payments
    • Check the Online Payments – Pre-Approved box to allow pre-approved ACH rent payments on a lease
    • Click Save Info
  • Go to Configuration > RP Preferences > Default Profile Authorizations
    • In the Tenant section, check Online Access and Online Payments
    • Check the box next to “o customize profile authorizations on an individual basis, edit individual client profiles through the RP Management tenant profile list


After you configure the Pre-Authorized payment option in your Control Panel, add a lease for your tenant:

(The lease must be added before the tenant can setup and make their pre-authorized payments. The amount due on the lease indicates what the tenant must pay each month.)

  • Go to the list of tenants in your Control Panel (RP Management > Tenants > Tenant Lookup > Find Tenant)
  • Click the View/Edit Tenant’s Lease option
  • Click Add Lease, and enter the Rent amount, Lease terms, Scheduled Payments, etc.
    • Add Scheduled Payments to be able to add late fees to the amount due if necessary, and to process tenant payments with the tenant’s authorization
  • Click Save Lease
  • Add a lease for each tenant who will make Pre-Authorized payments


Once the lease is added, the tenant logs in to their online account to setup pre-approved payments and make payments:

  • The tenant logs into their online account, clicks the Payments tab and goes through the setup steps for Pre-Authorized payments:
    • Step 1 is connecting their PayPal account
    • Step 2 is approving their payment arrangement
    • Step 3 is adding their bank account (if the tenant has already linked their bank account to their PayPal account, this step is complete)
  • The tenant then logs into their online account each month, clicks the Payment tab, clicks Go to Pre-Approved Payments and clicks Pay Now to make their lease payment


With the tenant’s authorization, you (the property management company) can process the tenant’s Pre-Authorized rental payment in your Control Panel on or after the lease due date:

  • Your User or Agent profile must be configured with authorization to process rental payments: logon to your Control Panel as the Master Administrator; in your User or Agent profile, check the Initiate ACH Payments box in the Special Authorization section and click Save User
  • Process the rental payment in RP Management > Payments > Process Pre-Approved Payments
  • Click Process payment


View and export the payment in your Control Panel:

  • When a Pre-Authorized rental payment is made, the payment record is immediately posted in your Control Panel and you will simultaneously receive a notification email in your business PayPal email account
  • View the payment in RP Management > Payments > Lookup a Pre-Approved Payment
  • Export the payment to a rent payment report or a PROMAS lockbox file in RP Management > Payments > Export Rent Payments (first transfer payments to the appropriate trust account before creating the payment export file)


The HERO Payments system is seamlessly integrated into the HERO PM RP Management system. If you do not currently utilize the RP Management system, please contact us for information. Or, you can upgrade your HERO PM account to include the RP Management system by clicking on Configuration > Orders & Upgrades > Company Upgrade in your Control Panel.


Did You Know? HERO PM Features that Will Change Your Business.

While talking to some of our members at the NARPM® convention, we found that a few people were unaware of all the features and tools available in their system package. So we thought we’d bring to light some handy features that you also may not know about…but will make you happy when you do! Many of these are already included in your system package. For instance, did you know that a free mobile site is already built into your PM Website? Did you know that HERO PM is the only company in the industry that utilizes the Hybrid Cloud? (The Hybrid Cloud is the only proven way to safeguard data and provide cloud access.) Did you know that vendors can view and manage their workorders from their online accounts? Since the list could go on, we decided to put it on paper, so to speak.

Please take some time to review the following list to make sure you’re benefiting from all the tools and features that are included in your system package. If you’re not the one who uses your HERO PM account on a daily basis, then grab the person who does, and go through the list over a cup of joe. And if you’d like more information on any of the following features, please contact us.

  • A free mobile site is already built into my PM Website.
  • Prospective tenants can text from my yard signs, and I capture their contact info.
  • My listing videos are automatically syndicated to YouTube with SEO tags.
  • All of my scanned documents can be synced to each owner and tenant in the cloud.
  • My listings are automatically exported to hundreds of rental websites.
  • The Hybrid Cloud is the only proven way to safeguard my data and provide cloud access.
  • Each of my agents can have their listings, owners, and tenants associated to their log in.
  • All of my whiteboards can be converted to online collaborative virtual boards.
  • I can set a workorder to require my owner’s electronic signature to authorize the work.
  • A report tells me when I last exported a listing to Craigslist.


We’ve recently added a new series of Did You Know? webinars that walk you through these features. View the webinar schedule and register in your Control Panel under Help > Register for Training!

  • Did You Know? Series: RP Listings: Highlighted Features of the RP Listings system
  • Did You Know? Series: Mobile Website: How to create your own mobile website
  • Did You Know? Series: Control Panel: Highlighted Features of the Control Panel
  • Did You Know? Series: Online Tenant Management: Online Applications, Screening, and Payments
  • Did You Know? Series: RP Management: Highlighted Features of the RP Management System

PM Websites: Accelerate your mobile and online marketing, attract new clients!

Your website is the face of your company. It reflects you as a property manager and a professional. If your website looks professional, welcoming and includes services that clients expect, potential clients will perceive you as a professional who can handle their business needs…and be someone they want to work with. Websites that do not appear current, or do not communicate needed services, have the ability to undermine your business’ credibility.

For better or worse, people form impressions of your business within the first few seconds of visiting your website. Here are a few tips to make sure your website makes a good first impression…giving potential clients every reason to stay on your site, and ultimately bring you business:
  • Convey your company’s brand and image with a professional (consistent!) look and design
  • Include an easy-to-navigate listings page that displays current properties for rent (and a map of each property’s location)
  • Showcase the things your company does best…your competitive edge, what makes you unique
  • Include up-to-date market information, news blogs and industry-specific data
  • Include client testimonials to demonstrate credibility and trustworthiness
  • Add a Twitter and/or Facebook feed to connect with your clients…and be sure to post regularly!

We understand that updating your website, making sure it provides relevant services and current listings, and ensuring it ranks high in search results can be tedious aspects of your job. But they’re arguably some of the most important. Thankfully, the HERO PM Website system has you covered…and frees you up to focus on what you do best.

The PM Website (v4*) includes many tools and features – all designed with you in mind. Techy or not, you can easily add pages, edit pages and add webgadgets, among other things. Your listings will immediately publish to your site when you make them active in your RP Listings system (in your Control Panel). Our built-in SEO tools work in the background to improve your website’s search engine ranking. And we offer other tools to assess and improve site SEO as well. Here are some additional features and benefits of the PM Website:

Website Hosting

Your website is hosted on our high speed, high availability, secure website servers, with 24/7 monitoring and regular backups.

Website Modules

Use the Form Builder for online forms and surveys, FAQ Builder for online FAQs, Link Builder for link pages. Choose from line-of-business modules for Sales, Commercial Listings, or HOA Management.

Full Integration

The PM Website ties your RP/VR Management and RP/VR Listings systems together. Post online statements, documents and activity to your clients’ accounts. Receive online applicationsonline payments and online work requests. Make listings active in your Control Panel and they are immediately posted to your website. They can be easily updated anytime. Track everything in your Control Panel.

Website SEO

Your PM Website is optimized for effective search engine placement. Beyond that, we load your listing data, YouTube videos, blog, and other website content into a daily feed to Google. In most cases, our basic website SEO places property managers on the first page of Google.


Mobile Website

Order a mobile website for your v4 PM Website. The mobile site is a specifically optimized version of your website viewable on smart phones and other mobile browsers. You can order this package in your Control Panel under Configuration > Order & Upgrades.

Easily Editable Pages

Update content, add pictures, links, change or add categories to the navigation bar and more, all without assistance from our team. Or if you prefer, submit a project (Configuration > Orders & Upgrades) for our website team to do the work.

Google Tools Integration

Your website can be easily integrated with Google tools such as Google Analytics and Google Sitemap. Google Analytics determine how people are finding your site, what pages they find most relevant and how much traffic you get and where it’s coming from. Google Sitemap automatically publishes the public areas of your website for optimum Google indexing…helping to increase your SEO.

Email @YourDomain

Incoming email service is included in the PM Website. Configure email accounts, forwards, vacation messages, and auto-responders. Check email from a traditional client like Outlook or Thunderbird, a web-based client like Gmail, or via webmail built right into your website. You may instead choose to have your email connected to your own email server or integrated with Google Apps or Microsoft BPOS.

Email Spam Protection

All email is filtered by our robust Barracuda network. This protects your email from spam, scams, viruses, and many other malware attacks.

Website Design or Conversion

Want to take your website a step further? Consider a custom website. For $499, our design team will work with you to create a Full Custom web design, as we did for and This is a highly customized, extremely professional look for your company website. We also offer a Pro Custom website design for $999. This website is for forward-thinking companies that employ unique and creative branding. With this option, our design team creates a top-notch, industry-optimized website specific to your company, as we did for Or we can convert your current website, or another designer’s work (such as we did for, into the PM Website System for $279. Order a website design or conversion in your Control Panel under Configuration > Order & Upgrades.

Domain Registration & Management

Your domains are managed on our integrated systems, and your first two domains are included in your PM Website package fees. Add unlimited domains, each one with email and each connecting to its own webpage if desired. (You own your domains, and remain the administrative contact on them.)

Full Website Support

You have one place to go for website support should you require it. We monitor every system at all times and provide 24/7 emergency support on your website, domains, email, and everything related.


The HERO PM Website is a fully functional website that allows you to present your professional image to the online world. Please let us know if you have any questions, or if you’re interested in learning more about this system. We also offer a free online webinar that walks you through the PM Website system. You can sign up for an upcoming webinar in your Control Panel under Help > Register for Training.


* To determine if you have PM Website version 4, logon to your Website Admin Panel. If the top bar displays blue, you have v4. If it displays a yellow bar, you have v3. Upgrade from v3 to v4 in your Control Panel under Configuration > Orders & Upgrades > Order a Website Upgrade.

Top Tips to Marketing your Listings Effectively!

We’ve put together a list of our top tips to successfully market your listings. From adding a minimum number of photos to your listing, to including text codes on your signage, these tips will help get your listings viewed by more people, and rented quicker!

  • Get maximum internet exposure…HERO PM has the largest syndication/distribution list in the industry. This means with our Listings systems your listings will get viewed on more sites by more people.
  • Most people conduct their rental search online, so add a video walkthrough or virtual tour of your property to give prospects a better feel of the property and get it rented quicker. (Bonus: major search engines also give higher search rankings to listings with videos.)
  • Place a QR and/or text code on your print media – property flyers, yard signs, etc. for potential tenants to conveniently access listing information anytime, anywhere. (Plus it demonstrates to owners that you’re on the ball with the latest innovative marketing and technology!)
  • Add at least 6 photos per listing (our system allows you to upload unlimited photos, plus slideshows, a virtual tour and video for each and every listing, at no additional charge). Giving prospective tenants a realistic experience of what the property offers has a myriad of benefits…including ensuring that the time you do spend on physical showings is with truly interested parties.
  • Make sure your listing includes all the nitty-gritty details, including full address, rent, bedrooms, and bathrooms.
  • Add a watermark across your photos to increase branding and reduce the risk of spammers using your photos in rental scams.
  • Determine your listing’s market effectiveness by running a Marketing Audit report (found in RP/VR Listings > Reports > Marketing Audit).
  • Add a company logo to your listing photos – just check the Stamp Logo box when adding a photo (logo must be in JPG format and should be less than 25K).
  • Make sure your website is getting found online – our PM Website includes many SEO tools and benefits to help get your website found online.