FAQ: Can I control the duration and delay of my owners’ daily activity online?

Yes, you can control how far back activity publishes for any given owner, as well as delay statement generation and activity publishing. In the Internet Publishing screen in PROMAS, click on Owner Settings to configure activity delay and publishing dates:

  • Delay Statement Generation and Activity Publishing for ___ Days field:  Enter a number in this field if you want to delay statement and activity publishing. The statement and activity will not include transactions for those days. A 3 day delay would mean that activity published on the 10th would not include transactions for the 7th, 8th or 9th. Statements scheduled through the 15th would not be generated until the 19th.
  • Publish An Additional ___ Months of Recent Activity field: When left blank (the default) published activity will go back to the Last Statement Closing Date. If additional months are selected, activity may include transactions prior to the last published statement. Activity, when uploaded, replaces the activity previously uploaded. Three months is the recommended number to enter in this field.

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