Understanding Harmony: Look at that Leak!

Sometimes a description of a maintenance problem simply isn’t enough. Many problems defy explanation, but a photo or a video sure helps!

When submitting a work request, it’s easy to add a photo or video of the problem area. If the request is being submitted from a phone or tablet, simply tap the button and take the photo or video. If it’s being submitted from a computer, select the photo or video file, or drag and drop it. The photo or video becomes a part of the work request, and when you create a workorder from the request, it’s available to the vendor, too. When you require owner approval for a workorder, the owner can review the photo and video to help them approve the work in their portal.

Photos and videos are invaluable in inspections, too. When inspecting, you can add an unlimited number of photos and videos to every area and item inspected. You can even require that the inspector add a photo if they’re going to indicate that any area has a problem. These stay with the inspection forever, and are easily viewable when comparing conditions, like from the start of management to the end of management, or from move-in to move-out. They’re also on all the inspection reports, which you can send to the owner or tenant, and view yourself at any time – from the unit, from the Inspections list, of from the Inspections view for any involved owner or tenant.

HERO Harmony makes maintenance and inspections simple for you, and for your owners, tenants, and vendors. If you have ideas for us to make your life even simpler, please let us know.

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