Understanding Harmony: Like the Library of Congress

HERO PM has massive document servers, with the sole purpose of making sure that every document you touch can be stored in the cloud forever – associated with your company and, where relevant, the owner, tenant, or vendor it’s from or for.

Besides your company documents, each of your owners, tenants, and vendors has their own unlimited filing cabinet in the cloud. Any time you add a document, file, picture or video for anyone – in an email, a text message, an activity, a workorder, or anywhere else, it’s stored in their document storage automatically. Whenever you create a letter or agreement or save a report, it’s in their documents, too. And when a tenant or owner signs an agreement or notice online, the signed copy goes there, as well. You can also drag and drop to add documents and files of any type to any person you interact with.

Do you have something for all your owners, or all your tenants, or all your vendors? Select the “ALL” profile and add documents, and they’ll be available to everyone.

You can choose which documents to enable for viewing in each person’s portal, or set the parameter to automatically allow portal viewing of all documents (you can still disable individual documents). The person can organize and tag documents to their liking through their portal, or put them in the trash – but they’re still available to you exactly as you’ve organized and tagged them.

Your Harmony document management system is based on Dublin Core (DCMI), providing near-universal interoperability with any document organization or indexing system you might need to integrate or share with (ISO 15836). Your DCMI metadata can be easily viewed and updated for any document of any type.

Document management with HERO Harmony is simple, automated, and robust. We’re confident that using it will make your life a whole lot cleaner, more organized, and give you (and the people you work and interact with) quick, easy, accurate access to any file you’re looking for. If you have other ideas for how we can make document storage, management, and retrieval easier for you or your owners, tenants, and vendors, please let us know.

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