Understanding Harmony: Ugly Emails?

Life’s too short to send ugly emails, or let your software determine the look and feel of your company’s communications.

Harmony gives you full and complete control over the appearance and content of all emails you send and documents you create, and it’s really simple to customize everything to your liking.

Most messages are customized from the Messages & Letters option in your Settings. There you’ll find two lists of messages: System Message & Letter Templates, which correspond to different actions you’ll take in the system; and Custom Message & Letter Templates, which can be selected as templates when you’re composing a custom message or creating a custom letter. Once you select your message, you’ll see an easy-to-use editor where you have full control over formatting, including changing the layout, colors, fonts, content, images, and more. On the right, you’ll see a list of merge field. Insert a merge field and the specific data for that person or function will be merged into the message or document.

You’ll also find customizable templates in Agreements and Applications. In Agreements, you can customize and add templates for all of your agreement forms, addendums, and notices. In Applications, you’ll customize the templates for applicants starting and finishing an application, and being accepted or rejected.

Before you get too creative, remember to Backup your current template from Template Options. With a saved backup, we can help you get back to any previous version of a template.

If a default template is available for any specific template, select Replace from Template Options to go back to the system default.

Some templates can be loaded from a template library. When this option is available, you’ll see the Library button in your Template Options. Click or tap it to load the library, and select from the available templates provided by third parties.

Make sure your messages and letters are always wearing their best outfit, and say exactly what needs to be said, to spark joy in the inboxes of your owners, tenants, and vendors. If there’s anything we can do to help you look your best, just let us know.

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