Understanding Harmony: Who Dunnit?

In your property management business, some things go exceptionally right and some things go exceptionally wrong.

In Harmony, it’s easy to find out who did the right thing, and who did the wrong thing. Every action taken by every user is tracked and logged. From any item (like an invoice, a bill, a receipt, a workorder, or an activity), simply select the history/change log icon and the entire history of changes to the item are displayed – the time it happened, who made the change, what it used to be, and what it is now. For a person, listing, or property, select their Notes view for the change history.

It’s also important to give everyone exactly the authorizations they’re qualified for. Not only does this keep an untrained person from doing something they shouldn’t, it gives them more confidence to do the things they should – knowing the system won’t let them make a mess they don’t understand.

For each user, you select their authorization level and role. When they log in, they’ll only have access at the level you’ve specified. For your power users, you can give them administrator privileges for the functions they’re responsible for. For example, allow your maintenance administrator to uncomplete a completed workorder. Or allow your financial administrator to disburse money on a management agreement that’s complete when the tenant pays off their judgement two years later. (Sorry, there’s no provision in Harmony to prevent heart attacks, you’ll have to learn another way to keep your ticker from stopping when this occurs.)

Do you have other ideas on how we can help you track everything in HERO Harmony, and keep everything on track? Send them over!

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