Understanding Harmony: Atrocious Estimates?

Accurate vendor repair estimates are essential for property management. Which vendor you select, what you say to owners, and when the work is done are all affected by the estimate.

So how close are invoices/totals to estimates? Harmony makes it easy to see, at a glance.

Simply run your Completed Maintenance report with detail. You can run it for an individual vendor, or for all vendors. A visual graph shows how close each repair total is to its estimate. You can easily see if the total exceeded the estimate, or if the estimate came in higher than the total. You can also see the percentage of workorders where the total was more than the estimate, and by how much.

This handy report also tells you how many workorders have been completed on each of your units in the selected date range, and how much you’ve spent on each unit. You can also easily see how your vendors are performing in workorder completion time, by percent, hours, and individual workorder time to resolution.

With this and all the other maintenance tools built in to HERO Harmony, managing your maintenance is smooth and simple. If you have other ideas for how we can make your maintenance headache-free, please drop us a line.

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