Understanding Harmony: Don’t Discard the Dishwasher, Desmond

All of your units have appliances, and you’re often responsible for maintaining many of them. Some of them have warranties. It’s often your job to keep all of this straight.

Harmony provides a simple solution for appliance maintenance.

Start by recording your appliances in the listing’s Maintenance view, in Appliances & Routine Maintenance. You can record any appliance you’re responsible for, whether it’s a dishwasher or an AC unit. Indicate the location and model, description, and serial number.

For each appliance, set the purchase date (or the install date or date put into service, if appropriate) to indicate when the warranty starts. Then select the warranty period, from 1 week to 10 years. Note the warranty info – what’s covered, how to get warranty replacement, repair, or compensation, and anything else related to this appliance’s warranty.

When a problem is reported, it’s time to create a workorder for the repair or replacement. All of the selected unit’s appliances show up in the Appliances section of the workorder. Each one shows the appliance information, and warranty status – before you assign the work. Click or tap the checkbox for an appliance to connect the work to the appliance and have a permanent record of all work done on each appliance.

Do you have a preferred vendor for appliance repairs on this unit? Select them in the listing’s Maintenance view, in Preferred Vendors. When you create a workorder for appliances, this vendor will show up in the Preferred Vendors list, and you can click or tap their name to assign this work to them.

Is this unit covered by a home warranty? Create a vendor for the home warranty, and make a services agreement for them that includes all the units they provide the home warranty on. Whenever you create a workorder for a covered unit, you’ll be alerted and prompted to assign it to the home warranty vendor. You can still assign it to someone else if the work to be done falls outside of the home warranty. You can also use services agreements anytime you have a preferred vendor for all standard work on the unit. Some companies use this when they have maintenance triaged by their in-house maintenance company, or when they want a handyperson (aka handyman) check out all repairs before escalating to a trade as necessary.

Do you have an idea on how Harmony could make your maintenance even easier? We’re all ears! While we feel that maintenance in HERO Harmony is borderline magic, it’s our mission to improve your life as much as possible when it comes to maintenance of the units you manage.

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