Understanding Harmony: Do It Again (and again, and again)

Many of your units have recurring maintenance needs.

If you manage an apartment complex, you may find yourself replacing AC filters every 1-3 months. Condo managers may find themselves testing the fire suppression system quarterly. Managers of single-family homes may need to dispatch pool service each week.

No matter what your need for routine maintenance, Harmony has your solution.

For each listing, add routine maintenance items in the Maintenance view, in Appliances & Routine Maintenance. There are a number of pre-defined routine maintenance groups, like Safety Detector/Alarm or Lock/Access Control. There’s also a section for Other Items, where any routine maintenance can be added. Describe the item that needs routine maintenance, with its location. Indicate the last check/service, and the service interval. Service intervals can be any time period, from 1 week to 10 years.

When routine maintenance comes due, a work request is automatically added, and you’ll get an alert on your dashboard. Click or tap to assign the work and set the due date, and notify your vendor as necessary. When the work is complete, the last check/service date will automatically update, and you can relax until the next routine maintenance comes due.

Do you need to know when your vendor shows up to do the maintenance and when they’re done? As with all maintenance, routine maintenance offers the Job Log feature, so a vendor can indicate their arrival and departure by clicking or tapping the check-in/check-out of maintenance from the job site. This is logged in the workorder’s job log, which you can compare to the invoice if and when the vendor invoices for work. This also gives you the insight to answer the tenant call asking about the strange lady who’s knocking on their door asking to check their smoke alarm.

Do you have a multi-unit property that requires the same service interval on an item in all units? In the property’s Maintenance view, add the routine maintenance items and service intervals. Then, for each listing you add in the property, the maintenance items will be automatically added.

Do you have an idea on how Harmony could make your maintenance even easier? We’re all ears! While we feel that maintenance in HERO Harmony is borderline magic, it’s our mission to improve your life as much as possible when it comes to maintenance of the units you manage.

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