Understanding Harmony: Compliant Vendors

Working with vendors is one of the most important components of property management.

Harmony provides a ton of tools to effectively manage vendors and their work. One of these tools gives you a simple way to ensure vendors are compliant with your requirements, which may be laws or simply policies.

For any vendor, you can assign them to a services agreement. In the services agreement, you can record all of the information to ensure vendor compliance with licenses, insurance, and certifications.

Whenever a vendor’s license, insurance, or certification is due to expire, you’ll receive an alert to contact them for updated information. You can easily save their proof documents or their emails in their account for later reference. Contacting them is easy, too, with free-form or template-based messages.

If you have a project that requires a specific level of insurance or a specific license or certification, you can find this in your vendors’ services agreements.

Harmony gives you the tools you need to make your work life easy, without the need for post-it notes or multiple systems to track and remind you of important things – it’s all built right in. If you have other ideas for how we can help you track and organize even better, just let us know!

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