Understanding Harmony: The Ducks are Disordered

Keeping your ducks in a row is easy with Harmony. One powerful tool to help is the Concerns Report.

You can run a concerns report on any owner, tenant, or vendor, or run it on all of them at once. The concerns report will show you everything that you might be concerned about for a person. Here are some examples of things that will show up on your Concerns Report:

  • A person is missing important contact information, like phone numbers and email addresses.
  • A person is on an agreement that is overdue or coming due for renewal, expired or expiring, etc.
  • An owner is missing required tax documents, tax ID, or distribution information.
  • An owner has a balance less than their reserve.
  • A person has overdue bills, charges, work orders, or tasks/activities.
  • A vendor is missing or has expired Workers Comp.
  • A vendor has overdue invoices.
  • And more…

Most of these items are also alerted in other places, and your staff will see them in real time and respond to them. As the business owner or manager, the Concerns Report gives you a great way to get a snapshot on anything that was missed or improperly deferred. You might consider requiring your staff to view and resolve concerns on a regular basis, and email you, as the business manager, the report with outstanding issues at the end of each work week.

The report groups concerns by priority A, B, or C. Priority A concerns should be resolved immediately. Priority B require resolution, but with less urgency. And priority C concerns ought to be resolved to keep things moving forward smoothly.

If there are other things that concern you but are not yet on the report, drop us a line so we can consider them for inclusion. It’s our goal to make things clear, clean, and easy to resolve wherever possible.

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