Understanding Harmony: Smoke Out the Socialite

With so many of the people we do business with having a social media presence, it makes sense for us to be able to find people by social media contact when other contact methods fail.

In Harmony, each person has a profile with 4 structured fields for phone contacts and 3 structured fields for email contacts, as well as a selection of their preferred messaging format and contact preferences. Additionally, each person has an unlimited section of “More Contact Methods”.

In More Contact Methods, you can specify any other possible contacts for this person. Indicate the contact (like a handle, ID, URL, etc.) and description, and select the type. Built-in types include social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can also select Website, Email, or Phone in case the structured fields are not enough (or you discover someone has a phone number or email that they did not provide you with on their application, but did provide via a work request or caller ID). You can also select Other for any other type of contact not defined. For each contact, you can also specify the source to track it back and determine how reliable the contact is.

With all of these contacts, it’s easy to find the person who may prove difficult to reach with the phone and email information they initially provided.

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