Understanding Harmony: Something to Do

Task management is easy in HERO Harmony.

Some things, intrinsically and without additional explanation, require a task to be done. When you need to move in a tenant, renew a management agreement, check up on work assigned to a vendor, or get updated workers comp information from a vendor, the system knows there’s something to do and adds the item to your calendar. But there are countless other things that need to be done, like calling back an interested owner, having lunch with your favorite handyman, or picking up office supplies. For these, Harmony has activities and projects.

There are many things that can trigger the need for an activity (task, appointment, meeting, communication, etc.). Perhaps you received an email or a phone call, or sent a bill or a renewal notice, or received a notice to vacate, and you know that there’s more to do. From any item, it’s easy to add an activity, set the parameters, and add it to your calendar and/or someone else’s calendar. You don’t need to remember to add the task later – you can do it right in the middle of what you’re doing.

You’ll often find the need to do more than just complete a simple task. For example, you may get an email like this: “Hi, I’m looking for a new manager for my 19 houses – my current manager is retiring and he’s sold his accounts to my arch-nemesis.” Of course, you want to reply to this prospect. But you also want to set it up so she receives your “Introduction to Our Firm” email, gets a text three days later to ask if she has questions, and follow up with a phone call after 5 days. This is simple in Harmony, too. Just set up a “New Owner Prospect” campaign with all these actions, and when you reply, add the campaign to the prospect. The messages will go out automatically and you’ll be alerted when it’s time to make the phone call. You can get as elaborate as you want with campaigns and projects. They can contain any number of communications, tasks, meetings, events, and deliveries.

You can always see all of your to-do’s as a list, on your calendar, or by the person you’re doing them with and for. You can involve other people in your office, adding it to their calendar and lists. And you can set yourself or others as busy during the activity, putting them in do not disturb for the duration of the activity – and making sure nobody else schedules them during the time block.

If you want a gentle reminder that an activity is coming up, set an alarm. You can alert yourself any number of minutes, hours, or days in advance, by email, text, or pop-up. With all this, you can be confident that nothing will slip through the cracks!

Do you have ideas on how we can make your property management chaos more harmonious? Send us a message. We’re all ears when it comes to ways that we can contribute toward the improvement of your life and business.

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