Understanding Harmony: What’s Going On?

It’s the first essential question of successful management.

Harmony makes it easy to see what’s going on, at a glance. All things time-related, like workorders to be done, leases to renew, appointments to keep, and even things to pick up from the store, show up on your calendar. You can click or tap any item for details, color code things for quick reference, and easily move, hold, delegate, or defer things.

For appointments and events that involve a tenant or owner, you can easily send them an appointment confirmation, which you can customize to your liking. An unconfirmed appoint will show up on your calendar as pending. Once the person confirms (or cancels, or requests rescheduling), you’ll see that as well, with details.

Need a little advance warning before that important lunch? Set yourself an alarm in Harmony, and you will be notified by your choice of method (pop-up alert, email, or text) at exactly the time you want.

What about the important things that aren’t necessarily calendar events? What if rent is late, or a vendor’s workers comp is expiring and they haven’t confirmed its renewal? Those show up, too, in dashboard panels that show items to be addressed and resolved.

Worried about missing a new item that has come in and hasn’t been scheduled or assigned yet? Perhaps a tenant has submitted a work request, or a prospect has sent a showing request or an application to rent. Those show up right along the top of your dashboard, as alert icons with a count of each item to deal with. Once you’ve processed it, the alert goes away. When a new item arrives, besides the alert icon, it will also show up as a browser alert – to be sure you never miss a thing.

If you need to do a deeper dive into things that may be going on and going wrong, run the company Concerns report. It will summarize all the things you should be concerned about – for all the people you interact with. You’ll see who is missing essential information, who has things overdue, who has a strange or mismatched status, and more details on dozens of data points.

Harmony provides numerous tools to help you quickly and easily see what’s going on in your management business. Do you have an idea for something else that would give you a view into your daily management? Drop us a line to let us know. It may already be there, but if it’s not, we want the opportunity to streamline your life and save your sanity!

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