Understanding Harmony: My Owner has 100,000 Properties

This may be a little silly. But even sillier is the actual real-life limit of Harmony – each management agreement can have up to 390,451,572 properties on it. If you have an owner with more than 390 million properties, you either have time travel skills or access to a parallel universe, and we’d love to hear all about it!

This number underscores an important reality: HERO Harmony was designed from the ground up to handle the craziest and most complex arrangements in property management, and do it simply and smoothly.

In reality, your largest client may have a few hundred properties. But they may also own an 8-plex with their brother, and they may own a 68 unit apartment building with another partner. All of this is made simple with Harmony, where an owner is an owner, a unit is a unit, and a management agreement is a management agreement.

Unlike other property management software that uses flat, two dimensional arrays to correlate owners and tenants with their units, Harmony is structured with three dimensional arrays. We haven’t taken somebody else’s software and re-labeled “sellers” as owners, “buyers” as tenants, and “products” as units. Harmony accommodates the real-life nature of the relationships that you have with your owners, tenants, and vendors, and the relationship that each of them has with their units and money. You’ll see the power and flexibility of the third dimension as you work in Harmony – it works the way you do.

Adding one dimension doesn’t seem like much, but as you experience it, you’ll realize that it’s like living in a house instead of living on a sheet of plywood. It’s this third dimension that really brings security, comfort, simplicity, power, and flexibility to a property management business. The industry has offered plywood-sheet software for way too long; we felt it was time for someone to build a box (and then insulate it, add windows and doors with locks, shingle the roof, and tile the floor, and add some furniture…metaphorically, of course).

You may be okay managing your property management business on a sheet of plywood – right up until you hit about 40 units or 40 years of age. Then it’s simply too exhausting to do anything but upgrade – and you’ll wish you’d done it a long time ago! If you’re currently over 40 units or over 40 years old and still using two dimensional software, you’re working way too hard! HERO has more years of experience in cloud-based property management software than any company in America, and it shows in the design of Harmony. Put three dimensional software to use and bring Harmony to your company and your life!

Understanding Harmony: The Complicated Owner

Do you remember when you had your first owner, they had one rental house, and life was incredibly simple?

Growth in property management usually involves some increase in complicated situations. Your owner may have bought a four-plex. Then she may have gone in 50-50 on a duplex with her mom. Then she joined with a group of other investors to buy a 16 unit building.

Harmony makes the complicated simple. The foundation of your relationship with an owner (or a group of owners) is a management agreement. Each management agreement can have as many units as you want. Each management agreement can have multiple owners. Each owner can have as many management agreements as you want. You simply set up the owner and unit once, then set up each management agreement to reflect your actual, real-life agreement.

This is where the power of Harmony comes in. Do you want to send a birthday email to an individual owner? Just select them and send it. Do you want to send an official notice to all the owners on the agreement? Just add it to the agreement and send. Do you want to see all transactions for an owner? View them. Want to show only the transactions for one of the management agreements they’re on? Select the agreement and you’re there. Generating a financial report for everything an owner is on? Simple. Or just for the units on a single management agreement, even when the owner is involved in multiple different partnerships? Also simple. And this owner can see everything they need in their portal, too.

Perhaps one of the owner’s units needs an air conditioner replaced, but the tenant hasn’t paid the rent and the reserve doesn’t cover it. If they’ve received the rent on another one of their units, it’s no problem paying the invoice – it’s no problem in trust accounting, and it’s no problem in Harmony.

Viewing, tracking, filtering, communicating, processing…it’s all simple in Harmony no matter how complicated your owner’s arrangement is.

What makes Harmony so powerful? In simple terms, where other property management software is flat, the underlying structure of Harmony is three-dimensional. It’s not just that we offer more features, it’s that the core structure is designed for the way property management actually functions. Two dimensional, flat structures work well in retail and most other product and service businesses, but they simply don’t work for the way that a property manager transacts and communicates with owners, tenants, vendors, and units.

You’ll see this throughout Harmony. Where other software re-labels flat software with property management terms, Harmony reflects your real experience as a property manager. You won’t find us calling a unit an “owner” or calling a tenant a “lease”; in Harmony a unit is a real unit, a tenant is a real tenant, an owner is a real owner, and a lease is an actual lease.