FAQ: Why is it important to make sure my domain’s admin contact is up to date, and what do I do if I need to make a change?

When your domain is registered, an administrator is listed in the registration records. This is the only person who is authorized to make a change to your domain. Most change authorization is done by email, so it is extremely important to keep the administrator contact email address up-to-date. An invalid administrator email address can become a big problem if your website host goes out of business, or if you decide to switch to another host.

You can view your domain’s contact information by doing a Domain Lookup at a site such as http://www.whois.com/whois. If you need to update your domain contact information, login to your domain through your Control Panel under PM Website > Domain Admin, or at http://manage.opensrs.net.

Enter your domain name, username, and password to log on to the domain administration interface. If you do not know your domain username and password, please let us know so we can submit a request to have the domain registry email you a reminder. The reminder will be delivered to the administrative contact email address currently listed for your domain.

If the administrative contact email address is not valid, you may need to submit a change request to the registry. If this is the case, please contact membersupport@heropm.com for assistance.

Through the domain administration interface, you may update the organization, administration, and billing contacts. It is especially important to keep the administrative contact email address up-to-date. HERO PM/RealEIS should be listed as the Technical contact for your domain and we recommend that you do not change that information. If you have multiple domain names, select the option to apply the update to all domains.

When editing your domain, be careful not to change the Nameservers. Nameservers for all domains that we manage must point to our network. If they are changed, your website will go down.