5 Ways HERO PM Makes Your Life Easier

Running a business takes a lot of effort, there are so many working parts that can make or break your success. HERO PM is dedicated to making the lives of property managers everywhere easier by offering user friendly solutions created solely with your property management business in mind. Using the right tools can make a huge impact on how your business runs and how much effort is required to run it smoothly.

Here are just a few of the ways our solutions focus on improving the lives and businesses of our members:


Our solutions are unique to property managers and their needs. Rather than using tools built for a generic business model, our tools were designed around streamlining the daily tasks of a professional property management company so their time can be used more efficiently. For example, our online portals allow you to provide clients secure online access to view statements, documents, and activity; as well as, make online payments, submit online work requests, authorize work requests, and more.

Online portals serve as an online filing cabinet for all documents and interactions between your client and your business. Having 24/7 access to information related to their homes, in one convenient location, helps you eliminate many of the inquiries associated with managing their homes.

Saving Money:

Efficiency and your bottom line go hand in hand. In addition to the time savings our solutions provide, our HERO PM payment system helps simplify the payment process by mitigating delinquencies, changing collections, and saving time as well as cost on processing physical checks. As a bonus, HERO PM does not assess any initial setup or hidden fees. The payment system is included with our RP Management System.


As a business owner and property manager, we understand that your job is never done. Having the freedom and flexibility to run your company from anywhere at anytime, keeping your team members and clients happy, is priceless. Whether you’re at home with your kids or you’re on vacation in Bora Bora, if an urgent matter comes up, you always have access to statements, client accounts, and your account. You can lookup client profiles, post statements, send messages, update your virtual boards, and process rent payments…essentially running your business from anywhere you might be.

Going Green:

Going paperless saves you time and money, increases your productivity, and brings awareness to your social responsibility. Sending a statement can include costs such as paper, printer/ink, envelopes, postage, time, etc. One of our members reported saving $5-$10 per month, per client by eliminating paper statements.

Our systems have made it, not only easy, but beneficial to go green! Your clients can access their online portal, from anywhere at anytime. This eliminates waste and can help attract customers based on your social responsibility.


Our systems allow your business to function like a well-oiled machine, as well as present a professional brand to your current and prospective clients.

A website portrays the image of your business and reputation of your brand to current and prospective tenants as well as owners. Our members love their HERO PM websites not only because they help them brand their business online, but because they were built from the ground up with their property management business in mind. In an era where people find you online before they ever even contact you, it is vital to have an optimized, attractive, and functional site that puts your brand first and foremost.

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